A Common Thug

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“What do you call a man who roams the streets at night?”

“A man that watches you from a distance, watching you closely, and finding it in his best interest to kick down your doors?”

“A man that will beat you down, brutalize you, and take from you without giving you a second to respond?”

“A man that manipulates the na├»ve and foolish into thinking he’s one of the good guys despite doing absolutely nothing heroic?”

“A kind of man who thinks it’s his right to choose who to protect and who to beat down?”

“A kind of man that would make that decision for you, taking away everything you know and love in the process?”

“There are many things you can call him; a thug, a criminal, a monster, etcetera. Personally, I call him Kpavio.”

“He roamed the lower levels of Arcadia at the darkest hour to find me and Destructo Boy minding our own business. Upon meeting us, he observed our every move with a keen eye, waiting for the prime moment to strike.”

“When that moment came, he broke into our sanctuary and mauled me like the monster he is. While I laid on the ground bloodied and bruised, he kidnapped the kid, taking him to that crooked doctor to get drugged.”

“Gemini was coerced into following along with your violent assault against us. You convinced her that if she did, all will be right in the end, despite there nothing being wrong in the first place.”

“But that’s just what being a vigilante is about, isn’t it, skull? You do what you feel is right, even if it means destroying someone else in the process.”

“People like you parade themselves as heroes to justify their acts of brutality. I’ll be the first to tell you that nothing can justify the actions of a thug.”

“Just like the men you vilify, you act without thought or purpose. You take everything from them. The credits you believe were ill-gotten, the weapons you believed were used for anything but protection.”

“You’ll even take their lives.”

“Much like those bastards that set my home ablaze, you tried to take everything from me.”

“However, I’m still alive. You might’ve taken everything that mattered to me, like the boy, but I’m still kicking and breathing.”

“Due to you not finishing the job, you’ve managed to piss me off to no end. When we meet in the ring or in the hood doctor’s office, I’m going to pay back your act of vigilantism with my own.”

“I’m going to rescue Destructo Boy from your vile clutches before he’s injected with mind altering drugs. When I do, I’ll deal with you the same way I’ll deal with the criminals that burned my home to the ground.”

“The only difference is that I’ll have the wherewithal to finish the job that I’ve started. When I’m through, you’ll have wished you killed me.”

“Be careful when fanning my raging inferno. You just might get burned.”