In Promo by Zero

“Imagine there’s a bank account that credits your own personal account every fuckin’ day with $86,400.”

“$86,400 that doesn’t carry over from day to day and at midnight, that balance just fuckin’ expires.”

“What would you do, Jet Set Dickheads?”

“You’d draw out every fuckin’ dollar, right? Every cent. You’d take that shit and run as fast as your stupid little legs would take you. You’d be off on your skateboards and roller blades like Tony Hawk with a vagina.”

“But you see, each and every one of us has a bank just like that.”

“It’s name is time.”

“Every mornin’ that cunt credits us with 86,400 seconds to invest in a good purpose. If we don’t use it, it doesn’t store it up, it doesn’t accumulate, it just gets written off. It’s lost. If you fail to use the days deposits, you lose it. You gotta live in the present, see – not against tomorrow.”

“And what do you two fuckin’ cunts do with your credited time?”

“You spend it coming after us.”

“Every single day your stupid fuckin’ bank credits you with 86,400 seconds to do whatever the fuck you want with. You could have sex, you could buy a car, a house, you go could fuck yourself..”

“You could use that time to realize the value of your own friendship.”

“You could use that time to realize just how pointless this vendetta you have against us is.”

“Fuck, you could’ve used that time to do anything you fucking wanted because you stupid fucking cunts are lucky enough to have it.”

“Not everyone is.”

“But instead of that; instead of using it for a purpose, you stupid dumb mother fuckers once again plan to stand across the ring from Bad Mother Fuckers, as if the God damn outcome is gonna be any different than it was last time.”

“You should treasure every moment you have, Jet Set Radio – cause you never quite know when it might be your last. You should treasure Old School Wrestling, treasure each other, treasure what we fuckin’ do here and never forget that.”

“At Bad Attitude, you stupid cunts are making myself and Pyre use precious time. Time that we too are credited with; time that we’d rather spend doing something more productive than beating you for the second time in as many weeks.”

“You’re gonna fuckin’ regret that. I promise you that.”

“After all, time waits for no-one, dipshits.”

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a fuckin’ gift – that’s why some corny mother fuckers call it the present. You mother fuckers should make the most o it, cause it’s all you have.”

“And on Monday, where your eyes don’t fuckin’ go…”

“Bad Mother Fuckers will make you wish you spent that time doing something else.”

“Anything else.”