Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Red Snow. The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours that are caked in snow.

Suddenly a cold breeze of snowflakes pass across the screen and we arrive in the backstage area. The World Heavyweight Champion is pacing by the doors, waiting for the arrival of Red River Jack.

That’s when Brent Kersh arrives.

“You do realize that last week was the beginning of the end for The Awakening, right?” Kersh says with a big grin.

Lane looks at him, his eyebrows furrowed. “It’s funny to me that you people keep talking about Red River Jack being a master manipulator; the devil himself, but you’re the ones playing all the games.”

Kersh shrugs nonchalantly.

“All is fair in love and war, Mike.”

That just about does it for The Champion who quite literally drops his title where he stands and runs over to Kersh, punching him square in the jaw! The Enforcer takes the punch and checks his face for blood, only in comes a second, a third and Lane kicks him low with a big boot as well. The Shadow King lunges at him again, only Brent this time spins him around, slamming him into a wall and nailing him with a right hand of his own.

Security storm the scene, breaking them both up as Mike screams at The Enforcer. “THE SHADOW ENDURES! THE SHADOW… ENDURES!”


She is amused as she turns to see Axel walking towards her. He is tentative as he approaches, but he has something in his hand.

“I just want to apologize for all of our misunderstandings over the last couple weeks. I’ve been thinking, and I realize that I may have offended you.”

The aloof Axel meekly holds out his hand while Shiroi takes the contents from him with a raised eyebrow.

It’s a Pokemon card.

“That’s Sharpedo. It evolves from Carvanha, and it can Mega Evolve into Mega Sharpedo using the Sharpedonite‎!”

Axel’s joy is evident as he speaks on the card, while Yuki looks down at it.

“I know you talk a lot about sharks and shark blood and all that, so I thought you would want that card for whenever we battle.”

If one could see his face, a giant grin could be imagined on it.

However, Yuki just takes a look at the card and rips it in half. She throws it on the ground and grabs a nearby bottle of liquor, taking a swig and spitting down on the card.

“Thanks, Axel!” She sarcastically comments as she walks away.

Left alone, Axel kneels down over the card, almost gently picking the two halves up, watching as they fold over themselves due to being liquid soaked.

“Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice, or lightning…”

The words from the old Pokemon movie seem ominous as Axel stands up, his fist crushing the ruined card beneath his hands.

Hangman stalks Crowley backstage, the light flickers and he appears behind the Patriarch, the sledgehammer in hand. Crowley senses him and does not move, not even bothering to turn around.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Jack.”

“I know you have, Crowley. And I am finally going to redeem you, I will finally punish you.”

Crowley turns quickly to face Hangman, smirking up at him, tapping Smiley Junior against his palm.

“But that’s where you’re wrong, Jack. You can attack me, tear at me, hunt me. It matters not. We’re destined to do this forever, boy. Until you finally give in.”

Hangman reacts violently, CLOTHESLINE WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER! Lee hits the ground, rolling to a knee as Hangman holds the Sledgehammer overhead, ready to strike.

“I will never give into you, Crowley, I am not one of your broad, and you are not like me. I am here to end this!”

Before he swings Lee’s laughter stops him, his maniacal cackling freezing Hangman in his tracks.

“But that’s the thing, you still have your gift. You’re going to use it for its intended purpose. Destruction. Now, start swinging it, are you going to? Are you going to end this here and now?”

Hangman doesn’t swing, instead the lights flicker and he disappears, Crowley standing upright and holding his crowbar in hand.

“I’ll see you in the ring, Jack. If and ending is what you want, then you’ll get it. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more. We’re going to be doing this forever, I’ll always be watching. Always.”

Crowley walks off towards the ring, the lights flickering again and revealing Hangman standing in the empty room, resting his sledgehammer in hand as he watches his foe walk away.

The opening bell sounds and Yuki Shiroi charges Axel the Shark with a running clothesline… but Axel leaps the Bouncer and she goes right between his legs! The crowd pops! Yuki turns heel and charges again, but again the Shark leap-frogs her and the crowd pops again. LEG LARIAT! And Yuki goes down! And Axel right into the Surfboard Stretch. Shiroi struggles to break free of the hold but the Kid’s Champion just wretches back on her arms even more. Finally, Axel relents and drags Yuki to her feet… but Shiroi struggles to break free… they stumble… SHARK BITE! Axel bites Shiroi on the butt! Though, unlike the crowd, Shiroi doesn’t smile and laugh… she charges… RUNNING DROPKICK! And Shiroi catches Axel right in the knee! The Shark going down hard! And Shiroi with a Boston Crab! The Kid’s Champion struggles to get to the ropes… will he tap… BREAK!

Both wrestlers get to their feet and lock up! Shiroi overpowering her taller opponent with sheer strength! She hooks Axel’s arms and… BITES HIS NOSE! The Shark shoves away and Yuki smirks, getting revenge on the Shark eye for an eye. “Is that what I’ve been doing to people?” Axel can be heard wondering aloud when, Russian Leg Sweep! Shiroi takes Axel off his feet and goes right back into the Boston Crab! Yuki Shiroi obviously zoning in on that left leg of the Shark. Axel screams in pain as he inches closer and closer to the ropes. BREAK! The two hit their feet but the Shark has a noticeable limp in his step. Yuki strikes again, but Axel is ready… he hooks the head… DDT! And Yuki’s head bounces off the canvas! And the Shark goes for the cover. One! Two! Kick-out at Three! Close, but no cigar.

The Shark leads Yuki to her feet and then backs into the ropes behind him. He charges… FIN-NISH HIM! Or her… the Flying Headbutt dropping Yuki to the mat! And the Shark goes for another pin! But again Yuki manages to kick out before the three. Axel can’t believe it, asking the referee if he’s sure that wasn’t a three. The ref reassures him and the Shark takes off up the turnbuckle! SHARK DIVE! Flying Senton Bomb from the top ropes! But Yuki moves! And Axel catches nothing but canvas! Looks like Shiroi is going to go for a pin of her own but she decides against it, instead lifting the Shark up from the ground and Gorilla Pressing him over her head! DRUNKEN DROP! That Samoan Drop painting the Shark across the canvas! And now it’s Yuki with the pin attempt! One! Two! Kick-out at Three! Yuki can’t believe it!

Somehow Axel manages to get to his feet at the same time as Yuki and the pair lock up again! And again Yuki overpowers the Shark, Irish Whip’ing him into the ropes. On his return… BAR FIGHT SPECIAL! NO! Yuki going for her finisher but the Shark side-stepping! Shiroi hits the canvas and the Shark strikes! FUERZA SPECIAL! NO! Shark going for that submission finish but Yuki slips free! And now they exchange lefts and rights as the crowd goes crazy! They know this thing can still easily go either way! A German Suplex from the Shark takes Yuki down and he goes for his Submission Finish again… FUERZA SPECIAL! And Axel gets it locked in this time! Shiroi is too far from the ropes so she struggles to break free… but Axel has it locked in perfectly… and Yuki has no choice, she taps! Axel has won this thing!

“I understand what you’re saying, but what exactly is it that you want from me?”

“What does one want from you, Errol? I want you to fire that ghastly bastard! He’s ruined my locker room! I had to have it thoroughly scrubbed, floor to ceiling! He had his men attack me when I wasn’t prepared. I can’t take it any more. I demand Marcus be terminated at once!”

“First of all, it’s Mr. Flint to you! Secondly, you don’t demand anything of me, dammit! I am in charge around here, not you! Do we have an understanding!?”

“Yes, Errol…..err…..Mr. Flint. But Marcus simply cannot be let to run amuck here! He can’t!”

“I’ll be the judge of what happens in my company.”

Just then there is a knock at the door.

“Answer that for me, would you, Nigel?”

“I most certainly will not! I am not your servant!”


Nigel leaps to his feet. “Fine, then.” He opens the door and there stands Marcus. Nigel begins to fume.

“Hello, Nigel,” Marcus says as he enters the room.

“Marcus, is it true you destroyed Royal’s locker room and had your men assault him?” Flint asks.

“Absolutely untrue. I did nothing to his room, and my men only fought him off when he tried to attack me.”

“LIES!” Nigel screams and slams his fist on the desk. Flint stares at him.

“I think you are both lying, and to be honest, I don’t have time for this. Marcus, tonight you will defend your U.S. Title against Royal. Now get the hell out of my office!”

The two leave, Nigel looking smug, and Marcus looking less than thrilled.

The bell sounds as Corey Black rushes forward, landing a massive running knee that puts Doc on his ass. A hard elbow to the side of the head dazes D’Ville but as Black tries to lock in an abdominal stretch, Doc slams his head backwards into Corey, forcing him to break the hold. Doc lands a hard right before grabbing Corey by the head as he attempts a Suplex. Black lands on his feet, grabbing Doc from behind and dumping him on his head with a Release German as the crowd begin to cheer

Doc slowly gets to his feet as Corey rushes forward, landing a series of punches, elbows and knees, each blow hitting with blinding speed as he backs D’Ville up against the ropes. Doc is thrown across the ring as he rebounds right into the waiting arms of Black who throws him down to the mat with a Belly to Belly. Doc lands hard as Black lifts him up into a sitting position, backing off before rushing up and landing a roaring elbow to the back of the head. Doc could well be out cold as Black hooks the leg for the cover

ONE…TWO…THR..KICKOUT! Doc is pulled to his feet as Black hoists him high up into the air, drilling him into the mat with a Brainbuster. Black doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope as he signals for the end, PHOENIX SP…NO! D’Ville moves out of the way at the last moment as Black hits only canvas, getting up to his feet, holding his gut as he stumbles right into a DDT from Doc. Doc backs up, running forward with a legdrop across the throat of Black before covering

ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Doc pulls Black to his feet, grabbing him in a headlock as he rains down punches, before a massive right leaves the King out on his feet, the Doc quickly taking advantage as he rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a big clothesline that turns Black almost inside out. Corey is pulled up to his feet once more, as D’Ville backs up, running forward with a bulldog, driving Black into the mat as D’Ville covers again

ONE…TWO…Black kicks out as he grabs D’Ville’s arm out of nowhere, trying to lock in the crossface. D’Ville quickly grabs the ropes, forcing a break as both men get to their feet, Black ducking under a clothesline as he lands a Superkick, then another as Doc gets to his feet, then finally running to the ropes and landing a massive Discus Clothesline that turns D’Ville inside out this time. Doc slowly gets to his feet as Black starts to hype up, landing elbow after elbow to the jaw of D’Ville before grabbing him and landing a lightning fast Stunner. D’Ville staggers back holding his jaw as Black drops him with a Snap DDT

Black pulls the hurting D’Ville up to his feet, picking him up onto his shoulders, clutching his head in an Air-Raid Crash position. Black pulls Doc’s head forward, dropping down to one knee ROYAL BEHEADING! This could be it as Doc seems out cold but Black drops down, locking in an abdominal stretch, FOR VICTORY OR DEATH! Elbow after elbow begins to rain down on Doc as he tries to fight out but the elbow’s are too devastating as Doc quickly loses conciousness, the referee calling for the bell.

With Corey Black having slid to the outside and making his way to the backstage area, a coughing sound interrupts him. Doctor D’Ville meanwhile stands in the ring with a microphone and what looks like a bottle of diet coke.

“Did you think our session was finished, Mr. Black?” he says in this smarmy sadistic sort of way. Corey turns back to face him, looking rather stunned. “My apologies if it looked that way, but I thought I’d show you how violence doesn’t always solve everything.”

“How the hell are you even standing?” Black demands to know. Then he clocks the coke. “What the… how the hell do you know?” he screams off microphone.

D’Ville, who clearly faked his unconsciousness, now stands with a toothy grin.

“Don’t you see? I’m embedded deep within your psyche, Mr. Black – and that means my treatments are starting to take effect. I can save you from the insanity that is Creeping Death and I can do it right here, in this very office.”

Black suddenly runs back towards the ring and slides under the bottom rope, only The Doc cracks the coke bottle of his head, spraying diet soda everywhere. That stumbles the King, who comes again, only for Louis to duck underneath him and LOCK IN THE 302!! KATA-HA-JIME!! Corey struggles but he can’t escape, being put to sleep in the middle of the ring whilst Doctor whispers “There, there, sleep!” to him.

He finally releases the hold and gets back up, dusting himself off. He grabs the microphone and bends over to see his fallen foe. “The Doctor’s doors are always open for you, Mr. Black.”

D’Ville throws the microphone down and heads to the outside, being booed by the audience who didn’t like what they just witnessed.

We catch up backstage with Marx who is cautiously making his way through the backstage area. A smile of confidence on his face, after besting his opponents for tonight last week.

He pauses his walk when he comes face to face with Santelmo.

“Well look who it is…” Santelmo says standing directly in the way of the all star champion.

“How’s your face feeling?” Marx asks sarcastically.

“See here’s the thing about that, about what you did last week, this whole time I’ve been trying to play the nice guy. Standing up to Wes when he declared himself champion. Hell, I even returned your belt when he stole it. What’s the thank you I get for showing you some respect? I get my face smashed into a wall!” Santelmo says back, anger in his voice.

“I never asked, nor did I need your help.” Marx replies as he tries to brush past Santelmo.

Santelmo doesn’t let him by. In fact he pushes Marx as he gets close to him.

The two men come nose to nose, before security rushes in between them. Trying to avoid a possible confrontation before the all star title match.

Security has their hands full trying to separate the two men, who are screaming obsentities at one an other.

In the background Wes Warhammer can be seen, watching the events and grinning, his razor sharp fangs visible.

“Perfect plan.” He mumbles to himself.

“Their going to kill each other and Wes Warhammer is going to swoop in and take the all star championship.” Wes slides quickly out of vision as security finally forces the two men into separate locker rooms.

Wes re emerges noticing the all star championship laying on the ground, it was lost in the scuffle. He walks over to it, standing above it. With blood on his hands (literally) he picks up the title and slides his hand across the front of it, leaving a massive blood stain upon it before disappearing into the shadows and placing the belt back on the ground.

Seconds later Marc returns in search of the belt he picks it up and notices the blood on it. His eyes lock on the blood as the camera cuts away.

“Carry on my wayward son! There’ll be peace when you are done!” Kansas hits on the P.A. and Those 90’s Guys walk out onto the stage. Ash looks no-nonsense with his belt thrown over his shoulder. Matthews looks less focused. Belt around his waist, he high fives fans on his way to the ring. They climb in and Ash gets a mic.

“Hey you! Deadites! I want you out here right now! Not in an hour, not five minutes. NOW!!!”

The lights go out. When they come back on The DEAD and Legion stand in the ring. Synn stands behind them holding the faux Necronomicon close to her chest.

“You trust that book to a child!” Ash screams.

“SILENTIUM!” Legion’s head snaps straight back and then to the left. When he looks back his eyes are all white.

“The book is safe with the girl,” DEAD says nonchalantly.

“Give it to me!” Ash lunges for the book, but The DEAD steps up to block him. Cories and Legion both step forward as well. The four of them are face to face when…..

“TIME OUT!” Cories makes a “T” with his hands and steps between the other three, who just stare at him incredulously. He addresses the camera as if everyone else was on pause.

“I’m really not sure why it has come to this. Wednesday has the book. I’m sure she’ll be fine with it until we win the match. Sheesh! TIME IN!”

All three of the others look at him, then each other, and the fight begins!

Synn slips out of the ring with the book as the two teams continue their brawl. It’s a pier six in the middle of the ring as the official gets in and tries to get order. The sheer brutality of Legion is on display as he backs Matthew Cories into the corner with staggering shots. As he lays in, Cories grimaces in agony at every brutal fist to the gut. The official manages to get The Dead and Ash Williams to their respective corners and the match appears to be officially starting. Of course, the Champs are immediately at a disadvantage.

The official finally manages to wedge himself in between Legion and Cories, using his mass to push them apart, threatening the Beast with disqualification. Not that Legion cares, but Synn decides to hop up on the apron and taunt Cories with the book, causing Ash to jump in the ring. The ref goes to pull Ash back into his corner, and Legion goes back on the offensive, battering Cories to the other side of the ring, where The Dead decides to enter the match with a well-placed tag to the back of Legion.

Dead comes in, and goes to something of a formal lock up with Cories. Even operating on instinct, Cories is a great wrestler, who is able to go behind Dead and lock in a front face lock. He tries to cinch it in, but Dead quickly pushes him into the ropes. The two men collide on the rebound, and Dead takes him down with a shoulder block. Cories is back up relatively quickly, and he walks right into an arm drag. The Fresh Prince reverses, and Dead lands on his feet in the corner, but Ash reaches out to the get the tag right in front of his face.

Ash comes in, all fired up, and tees off on The Dead in the corner. While Dead is being rocked by shots, he still is able to push through what would be dizziness to fight to the middle of the ring. He leaps to tag in Legion, but Ash pulls him back by his feet. The official protests as Ash begins to rain down a plethora of unfocused shots onto the vulnerable form of the Dead, who just weathers the storm, not able to feel the damage, but knowing that a cut has been opened on his forehead.

The taste of blood will get any man into a panic, and as soon as the referee tries to pull Ash off, Dead rolls away. Of course, Ash ignores his opponent to run for the book and Synn, but he runs right into the brick wall that is Legion. And of course, Legion also gets a swift tag from The Dead, who is trying to rub the small stream of blood out of his eyes. Legion comes in, and Ash is immediately bumrushed with a huge clothesline that about knocks him out of his boots. Legion lifts him up and off the ground, looking into his eyes.

The language that Legion speaks is unknown, but hate is in his words. Of course, he is no longer the legal man as The Dead has blind tagged himself back in. Legion turns around to stare at his partner, and Dead seems to think he has it. While this exchange was going on, Ash was able to leap to his corner and tag in his partner. Cories comes in a house of fire, but is quickly extinguished by the Dead shrugging off his shots and hooking his arms. The headbutts follow, and Cories begins to weaken, but Ash is suddenly in the ring. BOOMSTICK!! DEAD IS DOWN. ONE… TWO… THREE!! LEGION DIDN’T MAKE THE SAVE IN TIME!! The Tag Team Champions have emerged as the victors in this war.

Luther and Pig are standing backstage looking at the match-order that is presented before them. Luther grimaces when he sees their placement.

“This is ridiculous. The slaughter of Question isn’t even the main event. Now Pig, remember what we discussed. Focus on that self-absorbed renegade. Do not worry about the mind games he may try to bring in by targeting me. Just focus on him.”

“Focus on who?”

Luther abruptly turns around to see The Question standing there with his favorite ax upon his shoulder and a smug look upon his face.

“Ahh, back for another bleeding?”

“Actually. I came here to apologize.”

A silence follows as Luther just stares him down. Pig is baring his teeth and his fists are clenched. Luther reaches back and places a hand on Pig.


“Yeah. Between the third and fourth time my head had been slammed into the steel stairs, it dawned on me. Why am I fighting this when I can be joining this? So here I am… to apologize.”

A smile creeps along Luther’s face as The Question lowers to a knee. Quickly the smile vanishes as Luther seems to come to his senses. Luther seems hesitant.

“Like I said, it’s time for The Solution to be whole again. I even wrote down the apology. Please read it after I have left to consider.”

The Question stands, hands the note to Luther, and walks away with a smirk upon his face. Luther quickly opens the paper. It reads… “Fuck You.” Luther grits his teeth as he balls it up.

“Tonight, I don’t let you live.”

The bell rings as Crowley rushes forward running right into a massive right hand from Hangman, who’s clearly in the mood to be done with the Crowley family as he pulls Lee up to his feet, kneeing him viciously in the gut before lifting him up high and nearly Powerbombing him through the mat. The Manslayer signals for the end, grabbing the prone Crowley by the neck but as he pulls him up for the Capital Punishment, he gets a thumb to his eye for his troubles, Crowley rolling out of the ring as he tries to gain some breathing room

Hangman is having none of it however, as he rolls outside as well, grabbing Lee by the back of the head and throwing him back first into the guardrail. Hangman lands a few nasty kicks to the ribs of Lee before grabbing him by the head again and trying to whip him into the steel steps. Lee reverses however, as Hangman crashes into the steel, clutching his right knee in pain. A sadistic smile comes across Smiley as he lands a few kicks to the damaged knee before rolling Hangman into the ring.

Lee rolls in after Hangman, landing a few more savage kicks before dropping down and trying to lock in a leglock, Hangman manages to kick him away with his left leg but as the Manslayer tries to get to his feet, Lee rushes him from behind with a chopblock to the right knee. Hangman barely hits the mat before Lee’s smelling blood, wrapping himself around the injured limb as he slams it down into the canvas over and over before locking in a modified leglock. Hangman screams out in pain but refuses to tap out as Crowley seems to relish in the pain he’s causing Hangman, pulling back with all his might, trying to seriously injure the Hangman

The Manslayer slowly pulls himself forward, just getting a grip on the bottom rope as Lee is forced to break the hold but the damage has already been done as the Hangman struggles to even get to his feet, a mocking laugh coming from Smiley as he dares Hangman to get to his feet. Hangman lunges forward, nailing Lee with a glancing headbutt that only annoys Smiley as he runs up right into the outstretched hand of Hangman. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! Lee is down as Hangman rolls over, hooking the leg for the pin as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!

Hangman slowly tries to get to his feet but Lee grabs him as he’s getting up, locking his arms around the right knee and swinging him to the mat with a dragonscrew. Lee signals for the end, locking in a Figure Four as the Hangman is in serious pain here. The Manslayer slowly tries to pull himself to the ropes and his fingertips just graze the bottom rope before he’s pulled back into the middle of the ring. The pain is excruciating but the Hangman fights it, slowly using the rest of his strength to reverse the hold. Lee lets go almost immediately, scrambling away as the Hangman slowly pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes

Crowley rushes Hangman but is caught by a big right hand that staggers Smiley as Hangman tries for the Capital Punishment once again. Lee counters with a kick to the right knee as Hangman drops Lee in pain, Crowley taking advantage as he rushes forward diving down with a modified Shock Therapy to the knee. A sadistic smile etched on his face, Lee drops down, turning Hangman onto his back as he looks in a leg lock on the injured right knee, arching back in a single leg Haas of Pain like move. Hangman tries to fight it but he’s in tremendous pain as he’s forced to tap out.

Both Crowley and Hangman stumble to their feet after their destructive force of a match, both men having given their all. Both men stare each other down and raise their fists again, rushing forward about to trade blows!



They stop in the middle of the ring?

Hangman and Crowley stare each other down before the other three Crowley Family members roll into the ring, Tobias handing Lee a microphone.

“You and I fought tooth and nail, Jack. We kept tearing at each other until neither of us could fight anymore. And you know what? I loved it! You did too, I can tell. We gave you many chances,you kept showing how animalistic you could be. We want you to join us, we are giving you the choice. What do you say… Brother?”

Lee sticks his hand out to the Hangman, his devious smile across his lips as he stares Hangman down. The crowd holds its breath, the tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Does he do it?



The crowd is too shocked to speak as Damien hands Hangman his sledgehammer, the lights going out, coming back up to reveal the now five Crowley’s to be gone, the only thing left being a twisted smiley face painted on the ring mat.

We cut to the parking lot where a small stage is set up, along with a good sized drum set. A pretty good crowd gathers around as Vinnie Lane steps out with a microphone.

“What up dudes!?!” The crowd pops. “You ready to rock!?!”

As Vinnie screams into the microphone a guitarist, bassist and drummer file on stage.

“Good, because I made some arrangements with Mr. Flint to Rock your Socks off! And you’re looking at ‘em!” Vinnie gestures towards he and his band mates.

Just then he notices someone in the crowd shoving to get to the front… and get to the front he does.

“Wait a minute…” Vinnie points out the man to security. “…what is HE doing here!?!”

“It’s a free country!” The man shouts. That man, Ethan Bird. “I thought I’d give you a chance to rock my socks off, considering later tonight I’m going to knock yours off!”

The crowd Oohhh! And Aahhh! And Vinnie doesn’t look pleased.

“No, you know what….” Vinnie casually drops the microphone. “Not tonight, bitches!” He yells, off mic, as he disappears behind the stage, leaving his band mates looking more than a little confused.

“What!?!” Ethan yells out. “Was it something I said!?!”

He smirks as half the crowd cheers him while the other half boo. Lane suddenly rushes back on stage.

“Why don’t you go lose that RAGE Championship again!?!” Vinnie smirks. “Oh that’s right, you already did…”

Lane disappears “backstage”; all too pleased with himself. Bird just shakes his head and walks off. They’ll have their moment soon enough…

The opening bell sounds and Wes Warhammer and Brandon “Santelmo” Garcia both turn their attention to Reichous Marx. The crowd reacts and so does Marx, lunging at the closer of his two opponents but the pair quickly overpowers him. They back the Luminary Sage into the corner with a flurry of punches and then take turns stomping him into the canvas. Santelmo seems satisfied by Warhammer does not, directing Brandon to drag Marx to his feet; which he does. Wes instructs Brandon towards the turnbuckle and helps him muscle Marx on to the top rope! And Warhammer follows! No… Yes… THE FALLEN! Warhammer with a top rope Rock Bottom on the current All-Star Champion!

And he goes for the cover… which incites Brandon to react… and react he does, ruthlessly kicking Wes in the back of the head! Warhammer pops up, enraged, and charges Brandon… but Santelmo is ready! LOU THESZ PRESS! Straight into a barrage of headbutts, elbows and palm strikes! WRATH O’ RICHMOND! After what must have seemed like forever to Wes, Garcia finally relents; talking trash as he gets to his feet and circles Warhammer like a vulture… but he doesn’t go for the pin. He has something else in mind, lifting We to his feet before backing off a couple steps… looks like he’s setting up a Hail Mary!

THE FALLEN! MY GOD! Brandon WAS going for the Hail Mary, but Wes Warhammer out of nowhere with that Running Big Boot that nearly takes Garcia’s head off. Wes attempts a cover but somehow Garcia kicks out at two! Both men stumble to their feet and lock up, vying for the upper hand… eventually, Warhammer shoves Garcia back and the two stare each other down. Another lock up! This time, Garcia shoves Warhammer back! And they stare each other down again… then they stare at Marx… then at each other… and, at the same time, they both decide to go back after the still motionless Marx.

But Marx is up! RUNNING DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO WES AND BRANDON! Wes is the first one to his feet… THE SPIRIT PLUNGE! Marx nailing that reverse, inverted, suspended DDT so perfectly the crowd groan at the pain it must have caused Warhammer. Garcia is still out but that doesn’t stop Marx from going after him… he lifts Garcia up by the legs… CELESTIAL CHASM! Marx working this crowd up into a frenzy!

Wes somehow manages to get to all fours and Marx smiles… in the blink of an eye he scales the turnbuckle and leaps… THE QUINESSENTIAL SACRIFICE! Reichous driving both off his knee’s into Warhammers spine! And it’s Marx with the cover… but Garcia with the save! Reichous looks pissed, and he looks to be ready to take it out on Garcia… but Brandon is ready for him and the two begin to slug it out in the middle of the ring. The Vegas crowd OOH’s and AAH’s before, here comes Warhammer to join in!

The three men brawl it out until the referee steps in simply to restore some kind of order to this match. The three break and HAIL MARY! Busaiki Knee from Santelmo to Reichous Marx! And Marx goes down hard! But Brandon doesn’t have time to cover before, here comes Wes Warhammer… THE WES WINDS! YES!! HE’S ABOUT TO DROP INTO THE COVER BUT WAIT A MINUTE.. HERE COMES ETHAN BIRD! BIRD MAKES HIS WAY TO THE RING AND STANDS OUTSIDE, DISTRACTING WARHAMMER WHO WANTS TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL HE’S DOING! HE TURNS AROUND TO SEE GARCIA HAS GOTTEN BACK TO HIS FEET.. THE WES WINDS! NO! Garcia ducks! HAIL MARY TO WES! And it’s Garcia with the cover on Warhammer… and with Marx down from the first Hail Mary there’s no one to make the save. ONE! TWO! THREE! It’s over, Brandon Garcia has won this thing and just became the OSW All-Star Champion!

Corey Black is about to exit the arena, taking a walk out of the big exit doors and quickly throwing on a pair of headphones. He heads towards his car when all of a sudden, we hear a loud noise.



The sounds of what appears to be a small horn can be heard coming from behind Corey, but he has his ear phones in and can’t hear anything. Suddenly, a bicycle goes skidding by him, narrowly missing him. Shocked he turns around.

“You Def my Boy?” A voice asks, as the camera pans around to reveal Ethan Bird, who had been riding in on his bicycle, apparently without any working breaks, as he had to jump off to avoid colliding with Corey.

“What?” Corey yells, refusing to remove his ear phones.

“Ohhh wait, I know you….. Hello Mr. Black” Ethan says, pausing for a moment. A sly grin crossing his face.

Seemingly interested now, Corey removes his earphones.

“You know, I’ve been watching you, I see a lot of potential in you….” Ethan says, placing his arm on the back of Corey Black, motioning they should walk and talk together.
“You know I have something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about…..” Ethan says barely loud enough to be heard, the rest of his words trail off and can’t be heard as the two enter the arena together.

The bell sounds and the two men collide in the center of the ring! Blows are being traded both ways as neither man seems to be giving an inch! The Question parries a blow from Pig before connecting with a solid strike to the ribs of Pig! Pig staggers backwards but the pain only seems to drive him. Question goes for a big right hand, but Pig nails him with cross chop! Question staggers backwards, but a smirk crosses his face as he shakes it off. Pig charges him, but Question floors him with a running knee strike! Pig bounces back up, but Question catches him with a kick followed by a snap DDT!

Question takes a few steps back as if prepping for a move. Luther leaps up onto the apron directly behind Question and begins pointing at Question with base in his voice. Question just ignores Luther until a warm bit of slime connects to the side of his face. James wipes the spit from his cheek and turns around as you can almost see the steam coming off of his head in anger. He grabs Luther by the collar of his shirt, but Pig connects with an axe-handle to the back of Question’s head. Question falls to the mat as Luther begins pointing at him furiously.

Pig begins stomping on Hunter with a renewed vigor stemming from Question placing his hands on Luther. Question tries to get some distance by getting into the corner, but Pig is relentless as he continues stomping on him! The referee tries to pull him away to no avail. He begins to count to disqualify Pig! One…Two… “PIG! Let it breathe.” Pig acknowledges the command with slight hesitation as he backs away from his prey. Question utilizes the ropes to pull himself to a standing position in the corner.

Question flips the bird to Pig! Pig’s face flushes as he charges for MARCH OF THE- NO! Question moves out of the way before grabbing Pig around the waist and German suplex… another… and a third for THE IRONY! Pig is sent across the ring after the third one as Question gets to his feet with a celebratory bellow! It’s then that he notices Luther on the apron again. Pig is momentarily disoriented as Question grabs Luther by the neck and pulls him over the top rope and into the ring!

The referee begins throwing his hands up in protest, but Question just ignores him. Pig gets to his feet and sees Luther has been brought back in again. He charges but Question moves out of his way as the referee takes the brunt of the MARCH OF THE PIGS! Pig quickly turns around, obviously not giving a damn about his actions, to charge after Question. Question is hit hard by another MARCH OF THE PIGS! As Question hits the mat, Luther begins yelling at Pig to do something.

The Animal leaves the ring and grabs a weapon from underneath the ring. A BARBED WIRE STEEL CHAIR?! Pig throws it into the ring and slides in with a bloodthirst seemingly growing. Pig lifts up the chair and begins to swing it when Luther tells him no. He nods at Question and Pig walks over and lifts up Question in a full nelson. Luther smirks as the rears the weapon back…

WHAM! The chair connects BUT WITH THE FACE OF PIG! Pig hits the ground with blood streaming down his face! Luther looks shocked and slightly afraid. Question was able to duck out of the way just in time. As Luther realizes Question has ducked, he slowly turns as Question is standing over him with a grin upon his face. POETIC JUSTICE! Question just laid out Luther! Hunter gets to his feet and notices that Pig is standing as well. A break in the action as the crimson-masked Pig glares across the ring at his former partner.

Question charges across the ring for RELAX! The clothesline connects and Pig is downed but snaps back up with vigor. Question connects with another one, but Pig pops right back up! Question kicks him in the gut and lifts him up for POETIC JUSTI-NO! Pig puts a thumb into the eye of The Question which stalls him. The referee begins to slowly get to his feet. Question is seemingly blinded as he turns around… THE GREAT- NO! Question catches his super kick! He spins him around…. CONTRADICTION! The inverted RKO is hit with perfection as Question quickly covers him! ONE…TWO…THREE!

The Question gets to his feet as he staggers to the corner. He stares at the battered bodies of Pig and Luther as a smile spreads across his face. He raises his hands into the air but threatens the referee who tries to raise his hands.

When we head to the backstage area, our Main Event not too far away, we arrive to a panic in which Red River Jack is not unusually at the center. Only this time, Jack lays bloodied and unconscious on the floor – a steel chair left by side.

Someone had clearly taken him out.

So when Lux Bellator arrives and spots Jack laid out, the fans immediately boo, assuming he had something to do with it. Lux though kneels next to the paramedics, giving him Last Rites before he’s moved.


The EMT’s try to get him loaded onto a stretcher, only Bellator continues.


They finally load him onto the stretcher and start wheeling him away as Bellator follows, continuing his Last Rites.


With Jack now in the ambulance, Lux leans in and crosses his head with his thumb.


The EMT damn near pushes Bellator out of the ambulance, slamming the doors and driving away. The scene fades out with Lux, a wry smile over his face. Did he do this, or was he simply there for it?

The bell sounds and the two men slowly move towards the center of the ring as they begin to bicker back and forth. Bird pushes Lane and Lane nails Ethan with a heartpunch! The strike catches Ethan off-guard as he takes a few steps back. Lane doesn’t relent as he connects with a running STO taking Ethan to the mat. Vinnie takes a step back to embrace the fans as they seem uncertain of him. He walks over and places a boot upon the chest of Ethan as the referee gets into position. ON- No. Ethan isn’t even close to done.

Vinnie grabs Ethan up by his beard, but Ethan connects with three quick jabs to the abdomen of Vinnie. Vinnie releases Bird as he kicks Loverboy in the gut and goes for THE WOR-No. Vinnie scrambles out of it and rolls out of the ring to recuperate. The crowd begins to boo as Bird makes a small space with his index and thumb as if to indicate how close he was. Vinnie goes to crawl into the ring, but Bird charges. Vinnie takes a step back and argues at the referee. Bird takes a step back before charging at Vinnie with a clothesline taking him off of the apron!

Bird chases Vinnie outside and pushes him into the announcer table. The announcers scatter as Bird lifts up Vinnie to hit the reverse neckbreaker. Bird takes off the table cover and monitors revealing the barren table. He whips Lane into the nearby stairs in which Lane collides shoulder first. He grabs Vinnie by his luscious locks before pulling him onto his shoulder and rushing forward. The powerslam is interrupted by Lane as he slips out of it. Ethan Bird turns around and… superkick! Ethan Bird is laid out upon the announce table as Vinnie sees an opportunity. He climbs onto the apron and motions. The crowd goes wild in anticipation! Vinnie points at the turnbuckle before climbing ALLLLL the way up! He stands high before leaping! FLYING ELBOW DROP THROUGH BIRD THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Both men are out as the referee begins the count (finally). ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR…FIVE… Finally they both begin to move… SIX…SEVEN… Vinnie rolls into the ring…EIGHT…NINE…BIRD JUST MAKES IT IN TIME! Both men slowly get to their feet and Vinnie hits a forearm blast to the chin. Bird answers back with a right hand of his own. Vinnie rears back for another, but whiffs as Bird ducks under. Bird wraps his shoulders and… full nelson slam! Bird covers him. ONE…TWO…NO! Vinnie powers out of it.

Both slowly begin to get up, but BIRD wraps his legs around the arm of Vinnie and pulls him into a cross armbreaker! Vinnie is in agony as Bird is tugging on the arm with ferocity! Vinnie slowly begins scooting to the ropes, but Ethan is tearing away at the shoulder with a grimace upon his face. Vinnie finally gets within inches of the ropes and grabs ahold. The referee begins counting out Ethan but he releases before five. Bird is pushed back by the referee as Vinnie gets to his feet holding his injured shoulder.

Bird charges Vinnie, but Lane connects with a jawbreaker! Lane wraps his legs around the arms of Bird and turns it around… HEARTBREAKER! The modified Styles Clash is hit with perfection! Vinnie pins him down. ONE… TWO…TH-NO! Bird powers out! Vinnie looks shocked. He lifts Ethan up, but Ethan nails an uppercut that staggers Loverboy. Bird wraps his head… WORLD’S END DDT! Lane is out cold. Ethan goes for the pinfall. One… Two… THR-NO! Vinnie kicks out! Bird looks surprised. Ethan gets up to challenge the count of the referee but the referee is holding his ground. Bird finally gives up and turns around where Vinnie nails a superkick! He wraps the arms and… BLACK LABEL DRIVER! One… Two… THREE!

Vinnie rolls out of the ring with a huge smile upon his face. He gives a crotch chop followed by an air guitar stroke, mocking the downed Ethan Bird.

Backstage in the office of Errol Flint, a backstage worker knocks on his door and hands him a video tape – yes, a video tape. This is Old School Wrestling after all. He takes it with a slight look of confusion but takes it from its case and places inside his VCR.

Suddenly the image of a man pops up, shrouded in a hood, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. The footage is grainy and being interfered with by intentional static.

“Everything Old School Wrestling appears to be shrouded in mystery,” the edited deepened voice says. “Secrets have been locked away in dungeons, kept private from the public eye.”

The static once again appears heavy, resolving itself.

“Only exposing one’s secrets is what we do, Mr. Flint. The person responsible for running you down isn’t so much a mystery as it is a well kept secret. Would you like to know whom is responsible for nearly killing you? We have the answers.”

The man laughs.

“And believe us when we will tell you, you are not out of danger yet. We’re coming to Old School Wrestling, Errol Flint and we.. are.. Anonymous.”

The video footage comes to an abrupt end, leaving Flint looking extremely shocked at what he’s just heard. Who are Anonymous? What do they want and why are they coming to Old School Wrestling?

More importantly, who ran down Errol Flint?

The bell rings and Nigel Royal immediately charges at Marcus X and hits him with a FOREARM SMASH!! Marcus stumbles to the corner and Nigel mounts the middle turnbuckle and rains down punches as the crowd counts! 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9………TEN!!!!! Nigel moves as Marcus stumbles from the corner. BULLDOG!!! Marcus is down! Nigel tries to lock in the DUNGEONS OF LO…..Marcus wriggles to the bottom rope before it can be locked in. Nigel looks unhappy but undeterred. He pulls Marcus up and delivers a KNIFE EDGE CHOP!! ANOTHER!! ANOTHER!! Nigel whips Marcus to the ropes.

The Bloodline to Greatness readies for his return, but Marcus counters with a desperation RUNNING BODYBLOCK!! Both men are down!! Marcus is catching his breath as Nigel tries to shake the cobwebs! Nigel gets to his feet first, but the Revolutionary SHOULDER BLOCKS NIGEL IN THE BACK OF THE KNEE!!Marcus is up and stomps Royal’s arm over and over. He pulls Royal up and SNAP SUPLEX!!! Pull him up again, and BACKBREAKER!! Marcus to the second turnbuckle and KNEE-DROP TO ROYAL’S ELBOW!!! Royal is writhing and Marcus locks in SEGREGATION!!! The Anaconda Vice!!! Nigel screams in pain!!

It looks like Nigel might give up, but no!! Heavy blows to Marcus’ head with his free hand!! Marcus holds on, but finally gives in to the punches and lets go. Marcus and Nigel both to their feet quickly and start trading punches. Nigel swings! Marcus! Nigel! Marcus! Nigel! Nigel! Nigel!!! He drives Marcus to the ropes and whips him across the ring! When Marcus returns, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Marcus is tossed across the ring. Nigel is quick to cover! One… Two…. Thr…Kickout!

Nigel pulls Marcus to his feet. GERMAN SUPLEX!!! AGAIN!!! AGAIN!!! A FOURTH TIME!! THE ROYAL FLUSH!!! He bridges…One… Two… Thre….KICKOUT!!!! Nigel can’t believe it! He shows three fingers to the ref!! He gets to his feet and pulls Marcus up again, but BACK BODY DROP! Marcus sent Royal flying! Both men are recovering again. Both begin to stand; this time Marcus beats Royal to his feet and RUNNING NECKBREAKER!!! Marcus pins… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Marcus quickly to his feet and stands behind Royal beckoning for him to get up!! Royal climbs slowly to his feet and TIMES OF CHANGE!!!! Nigel battles but seems to be fading! He slowly lowers down to the mat! The referee lifts Nigel’s arm and drops it to the mat. A second time and it hits the canvas. A third and final time and it drops……

…..But Nigel keeps it off the mat!! He starts fighting his way up and Marcus is shocked!! Nigel fights his way back to his feet. Elbows to Marcus’s midsection!! Nigel breaks free and runs to the ropes. He returns with a FLYING SPINNING HEEL KICK!!! Marcus is leveled and Nigel gets to his feet quickly!DUNGEONS OF LOND….No! Marcus wiggles free again! Both men to their feet!

Nigel rushes at Marcus, but is met with a HARD CLOTHESLINE!! Nigel down hard!! Marcus pulls him up and SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Marcus is feeling it as he goes to the top turnbuckle!! He prepared for an ELBOW DROP, but Nigel rolls out of the way! Marcus hard to the mat! Royal to his feet and pulls up Marcus for a SWINGING NECKBREA….No! Marcus counters! THE BLACKOUT!!!! From nowhere!!! One… this could be it…. Two…. Marcus hooks a second leg… THREE!!!! Marcus X remains your United States Champion!!! He slides out of the ring and his brotherhood help him to the back while Nigel stews in the ring!!

When we return to the ring after a short commercial break, Marvolo and Bruce Van Chan are stood ready to do battle. Before the bell can sound though, Marvolo demands a microphone and receives one promptly.

“Hold on a second there, eager beaver,” Marvolo says putting a hand up in the face of Van Chan. “Before this match takes place, Marvolo wants you to know that you may have tricked him into a match, but nothing has changed. Marvolo will not be partaking in the barbaric institution that is a Hardcore Match.”

Bruce angrily snatches the microphone. “What’s your problem, man? Time and time again you disrespect that Championship and time and time again, I’ve told you that I won’t let you get away with it. This is a match for the Hardcore Championship and it’ll be contested under Hardcore rules. If you don’t like it? Feel free to stand there whilst I beat you with whatever I can find.”

He tosses the microphone back to Marvolo and slides to the outside, whipping up the ring apron and looking underneath the ring. Only what he finds tends to perplex him. “Where’s all the weapons?” he asks off microphone, walking around to the other side and checking there as well.

Suddenly Marvolo strikes, baseball sliding to the outside and catching Van Chan clean in the jaw. The bell sounds and it looks like this Hardcore Match is underway, minus the Hardcore.

Bruce lets go of the apron and rises to meet Marvolo, both trading blows on the outside. The bell rings, with count-outs not in effect, and marvolo manages to gain the upper hand with a slew of chops, with the crowd too busy yelling ‘Woo!’ to boo him. Bruce responds, however, by tackling him and sending him into the ring post, both stumbling over the ring steps. Despite getting the worst of the exchange, by pure chance Marvolo is up first, grabbing Bruce by the head and raising his head above the stairs. He looks set to bash BVC’s head into the top of them, but suddenly lets go and shakes his head, trying to slide into the ring.

Bruce stops him, grabbing him by the leg and bringing him back out. He slams his head into the steps once, tewice, numerous times in a frenzy, at which point Marvolo merely slumps over them. Climbing atop them and placing a foot on Marvolo’s back, he places a foot on Number One’s spine, before pointing to himself as the crowd yells ‘Bruce! Van! Chan!” He jumps up, trying to stomp marvolo’s head into the steel but The Marvellous moves away at the last second. About to tug Bruce off his feet, he once again hesitates and instead politely hoists Bruce off of the steps and onto the floor, before hitting with a couple of mongolian chops and rolling him to the inside. He ascends to the apron, Hilo! He quickly turns for a cover… One…Kickout!

As both men get up, Marvolo hits an arm drag, Bruce getting up and hitting one of his own. Then, both try and the same time, arms locked in a test of strength. At a stalemate, Bruce uses his other arm and Whips Marvolo who slides to the outside and clambers beneath the ring.Bruce leaves and pursues, both disappearing beneath the apron. Marvolo crawls out between the legs of Raquel and Bruce’s hand shoots out, unknowingly grabbing Raquel’s leg. He slides his thumb up, no doubt realising his mistake at the feel of her smooth skin, and #1 Grabs him, drags him out and sets him up for the White Tiger on the outside!

Hesitating again, a frustrated Marvolo puts him down and tries to re-enter the ring, except Raquel is in his way. Both keep moving to the same sides trying to avoid each other, but bruce has sprung up on the guard rail, spinning crossbody to the back of Marvolo, with Raquel avoiding the impact narrowly AS Marvolo slams front first into the ring apron! Desperately trying to escape the outside, Marvolo grabs the bottom rope and rolls himself into the ring, clearly in pain.Bruce follows him in, before going to a turnbuckle and removing the pad. Marvolo is slowly coming to his senses as Bruce moves onto a second pad, Marvolo getting up and trying to re-cover the first. They both move around the ring, trying to remove and replace the pads, until Marvolo ends the game with a crucufix pin rollup! One… two… A close kickout!

Both race to their feet and Marvolo wins again, hitting with the double underhook suplex. “Pure wrestling TO THE FACE!” The crowd boo as Marvolo gloats, NAP TIME! Bruce hits the Inverted DDT before climbing up to the top rope. Grabbing the loose turnbuckle cover, he pulls it off and throws it at Marvolo’s head, yelling “hardcore TO THE FACE!”, drawing a favourable response from the crowd. Marvolo shoots up, fighting for the honour of wrestling and is about to take OUT Bruce’s leg before spotting Racquel trying and failing to do the same thing. Stopping to reprimand her for sullying his match, he receives a boot to the face from Bruce and hits the floor, SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! And Racquel’s to blame! ONE… TWO… THREE!

“Yeah, I’m on my way, bossman.”

Jake Jeckel is sitting in the front seat of his car talking to Jackson Slade on the phone ahead of his match with RAGE Champion, The Scarecrow.

“No, I got ya. I’m gonna burn the whole motherfucker down.”

Jeckel isn’t nervous in the slightest, seemingly relaxed in the face of an approaching brutal war.

“It’s about time the Juggalo got him some gold around his waist.”

A sneer crosses the face of Jeckel as he leans back, driving into the cornfield itself.

“After I’m done, Dead End will be the last thing on his mind.”

With that, Jeckel’s face changes, the sneer leaving his features. He seems confused.


Jake leans forward as he checks as he slightly shakes his phone with his hand.


Jake looks down at the phone to see a blank screen, and then throws it onto the empty seat next to him in confusion.


Almost as if in response, the car begins to sputter and come to a halt. Jeckel looks at all the dashboard lights, watching them flicker and splutter as if they’re trying to work but can’t. Something has interfered with the workings of this machine as the car almost dribbles to a halt. Jake opens the door and steps out, looking around the darkness.

“Fuck the Scarecrow.”

He is all alone, and the war is on.

All that surrounds Jake Jeckel is darkness. He stands amongst it, looking into its depths for The Scarecrow. “Come on, you piece of shit!” Jake yells into the wind that only howls back at him. Suddenly The Scarecrow appears behind him. He spins him around and thrusts underneath his jaw with a vicious right hand that stumbles The Juggalo. The fight is on now and he follows that up with several more, beating Jake backwards towards the car in which he arrived. Scarecrow quickly grabs him, turning him upside down with a Body Slam STRAIGHT ONTO THE HOOD OF THE CAR! Jeckel rolls off onto the muddy floor in a heap, landing on his hands and knees.

The RAGE Champion quickly strikes, drilling him with a boot to the mid-section that damn near bounces him off the ground and back onto the hood. He grabs him by the head and RAMS HIM STRAIGHT INTO THE HEADLIGHT FACE FIRST! That has busted Jake wide open! Viciously, he reaches down to grab him again, only Jake has a large piece of glass from that headlight and swings at him with it, cutting across his t-shirt. Scarecrow though is fearless, walking forward only for The Juggalo to stab him with the shard of glass! Blood trickles down his fingers now as The Scarecrow tilts his head and looks at him. Jeckel strikes quickly with a bloodied right hand, another, another, another, he stumbles Scarecrow backwards and then bounces with a step up ONTO THE BUMPER AND DRIVES AT HIM WITH A FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE!

Both of them hit the deck in a heap and Jake rolls away, getting back to his feet in a daze. The blood is trickling down his face now as he walks back towards the car door and opens it. He reaches inside and grabs some tape, taping up his hand and trying to protect himself like the tough son of a bitch he is, only when he turns around, The Scarecrow stands, perched. Jake slugs him with a right hand, another, but The Hayman doesn’t budge. What the fuck is this thing? His head slowly rises but only in time for Jake to grab him and RUN HIM THROUGH THE BACK DOOR WINDOW! HOLY FUCK!! Scarecrow is now half inside the car with glass edges sticking into him and Jake has no remorse, taking the opportunity to kick him as hard as he can in the gut.

Jeckel drags him out and drops him right down onto the floor, placing his head between the car door and the car itself. Oh no! The Juggalo grabs the door and SLAMS IT AS HARD AS HE CAN ACROSS THE HEAD AND NECK OF THE HAYMAN! OH MY GOD!! THE FANS BACK IN THE ARENA CHANT “HOLY SHIT!” AS JAKE STUMBLES AWAY! He heads back inside the cornfield, stumbling through the stalks as he finally reaches the perch of The Monster himself. He looks at it and angrily thrusts at it with a kick, another, another, another; Jake is trying to destroy The Scarecrow by destroying his perch! How come no-one else has thought of that? With each kick, the perch begins to bend and waver – that is until Scarecrow suddenly appears behind The Juggalo! He turns him around and THE HAYMAKER!! PUNCH RIGHT TO THE FUCKING HEART!! Jeckel crumbles where he stands!

How The Scarecrow is somehow still standing is beyond me. He reaches down and grabs Jake by the back of his shirt, dragging him through the mud and deeper into the field. They’re into the stalks now and all we can see is Scarecrow pummelling the life out of poor Jake Jeckel, beating the holy shit out of him in the middle of the field. Suddenly though, Scarecrow roars out in pain and stumbles backwards. In the most unbelievable sight, he has a Pitch Fork stuck in his leg!! He hobbles back into frame and tries to yank it out – apparently The Pitchfork is a weakness of The Hayman!

Jake stumbles out from within the stalks now, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He walks back over to the car and gets inside, turning the keys in the ignition but nothing. He turns them again, the car spluttering and stammering until it finally starts! The car starts! Jake throws the thing into drive AND DRIVES IT STRAIGHT INTO THE FUCKING FIELD AND STRAIGHT INTO THE FUCKING SCARECROW! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HOLY FUCKING CHRIST ALMIGHTY!! THE SCARECROW JUST BOUNCED UP AND OVER THE TOP OF THE FUCKING CAR AND FELL SPLAT ON THE FLOOR BEHIND IT!

The camera rushes over to the car to see that Jake Jeckel smashed face first into the airbag upon impact and now lays there, feeling what could easily be a broken nose and two black eyes to add to that wound on his forehead. As Jake pushes down the airbag, the camera switches to the backseat and HOLY… OH… WHAT… THE… FUCK… IT’S THE SCARECROW! HE’S SAT IN THE BACK SEAT, HIS HEAD LOWERED IN THE MOST CREEPIEST FUCKING THING YOU’VE EVER FUCKING SEEN!! Jake finally wakes up enough to look in his mirror and can’t believe it. Scarecrow lunges forward with a right hand and then exits the car, grabbing Jake out in one quick motion. He lifts him up under the arms and into the air, releasing.. CHOKESLAM STRAIGHT DOWN INTO THE MUD!! JESUS CHRIST!! There’s no pin falls here, there’s no submissions, there’s just a fight until someone no longer moves and folks, Jake Jeckel is done. The Scarecrow stumbles away himself, walking back towards his perch as the camera reluctantly follows.

Suddenly the sound of birds cawing can be heard in the background, an absolute flutter that sends shivers up and down your spine. Scarecrow looks towards the rows with a tilted head, only there doesn’t appear to be anything there.

He turns around.

And holy shit, he’s face to face with Ethan Bird!

Bird whispers at him, “We’re here.”

The Scarecrow is then jolted from behind, being immediately spun around by the face of a terrifying clown. it’s… IT’S OZRIC MORTIMER!! Mortimer grabs him by the throat and launches The Scarecrow face first into his Perch, snapping it with the ferocity. Ethan Bird stands and watches in awe as The Scarecrow somehow gets back to his feet.

Only Bird and Mortimer, those two little birdies aren’t alone.

Brandon Garcia and Corey Black step out from behind the rows, immediately going to work on Scarecrow with vicious forearms, kicks and elbows. They attack him in the mud where he kneels, beating the holy shit out of him whilst Ethan Bird approaches.

“You took something from me and if you take from me, you take from The Flock. We will destroy you, Scarecrow.”

Bird grabs Scarecrow and drags him into the rows of corn by his jacket, only a impenetrable wall of silence comes over us. There’s no birds, no crickets, no wind, just pure silence.

And then Ethan stumbles back out, his face a picture of absolute shock.

When the sound returns, Bird looks at Mortimer, Black and Garcia with rage in his eyes.

“He’s… gone. He just vanished, disappeared from my grasp.”

Mortimer meanwhile bends down and picks up the snapped half of the perch. “He’ll require this.”

Bird, Garcia and Black slap hands in agreement, walking away into the pitch black as Ozric follows behind, dragging The Scarecrow’s perch. As the camera watches them exit into the black, a jolting figure appears to the left, watching them from the corn.

It’s The Scarecrow.

And he’s not dead yet.

With Brent Kersh, Lux Bellator and Mike Lane in the ring, the World Champion is dangerously out numbered. Kersh gets a microphone and tells Mike to hold on a second, wanting to have a word first.

“What did we tell you, Mike?” Kersh says pointing at Lux. “You’ve been abandoned once again.”

Lane just shakes his head.

“We asked you to join us, we begged you to see the light and now Red River Jack has done what we all said he would, and abandoned you. It’s time you snapped out of this trance you’re in and joined the winning team, don’t you think?”

Kersh hands the microphone to Bellator.

“But you won’t do that, will you Michael? As such, it’s time that RAGE takes what belongs to Old School Wrestling.”

He throws the microphone down and backs away as the referee looks ready to get this one started.

Mike steals a quick look at the stage, then eyes Lux and Brent warily. Are they responsible for Jack’s absence? Is this whole thing a ruse!? The fans murmur, turning their heads to look at the ramp expectantly. The World Champion shakes his head and steps out of his corner. “Time to wake up, Michael!” calls Lux – KNEE TO THE GUT BY KERSH! The fans boo as Mike goes down, clutching his ribs. Brent and Lux rain blows on the Champion, who covers up as best he can. The RAGE members hoist Mike up and send him into the ropes – SPINEBUSTER BY THE ENFORCER!

WE WANT JACK, WE WANT JACK, WE WANT JACK! The Old School fans scream for Mike’s estranged mentor, as Kersh and Bellator continue to pick away at him. The traitorous Kersh scoops Lane up onto his shoulder – is he looking to end this already!? LANE DROPS DOWN! Brent turns RIGHT INTO A SHADOW KICK – BELLATOR BLOCKS IT! CRANE KICK TO THE JAW! Mike crumples to the mat, his eyes glazed over. Brent glares at the fans, who absolutely grill him and Lux, who kneels over Mike and crosses his chest solemnly.

I HAVE BROKEN BONES TO GET TO YOU… The fans POP BIG TIME as RED RIVER JACK EMERGES ON THE STAGE! Brent and Lux stare open-mouthed at the leader of the Awakening, who plucks the lit cigarette from his mouth and snuffs it out under his boot, holding his ribs the whole time. The RAGErs ready themselves as Jack marches down the ramp defiantly. They both go to lynch him as he slides under the ropes – BELLATOR GETS IN THE FAST LANE! The flying knee from Mike takes out the Messiah – and you have to think that one was from Destiny, too! Brent hesitates for a split-second and eats a DISCUS ELBOW from Jack!

The reunited Awakening take turns knocking Brent and Lux to the mat, before finally sending both men over the top rope. The fans pop, but are quickly divided when JACK AND MIKE GO NOSE-TO-NOSE IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING! World Champion and former World Champion exchange heated words, jostling each other back and forth – CROSSBODY BY BELLATOR! Jack dodges it at the last second, and Lux lands on Lane! ONE… TWO… Jack breaks it up! Red grabs Lux and hurls him into the corner, then damn near DECAPITATES him with a running European uppercut!

Lux stumbles forwards, and Jack grabs his wrist. He swings his leg over and LUX IS SEEIN’ RED – NO HE ISN’T! LUX SHOVES JACK RIGHT INTO A SPEAR BY KERSH! HOLY SHIT, HE NEARLY CUT HIM IN HALF WITH THAT! The crowd groan as Jack hits the mat hard. Brent covers Jack. ONE… TWO… Lux pulls Brent off by his ankle. Brent gets up and he and Lux share an uneasy stare, until Lux breaks it by nodding at the downed Lane. Brent nods back and they descend on him. The former linebacker heaves Lane up and traps him in a full nelson while Lux works over his ribs with punishing blows.

“You will wake up, Michael!” yells Lux as he tenderises the Shadow King’s abdomen. “I will exorcise the evil that corrupts you!” spouts the Light Warrior, as Mike grits his teeth against each strike. “You will cage the devil on your shoulder!” Lux demands, pointing at the down-and-out Red River Jack, who stirs on the canvas. Lux goes for another shot, BUT MIKE GETS BOTH FEET UP AND KICKS HIM AWAY! The momentum sends he and Brent into the corner, breaking The Enforcer’s hold on him. Lux races back, but MIKE DUCKS AND LUX NAILS KERSH WITH A YAKUZA KICK!

SHADOW KICK TO BELLATOR! A groggy Brent stumbles out from the corner – SHADOW KICK! Lux and Brent down and out! Mike wheels round – SHADOW KICK TO JACK!? MIKE STOPS HIMSELF! Jack raises his head questioningly, and Mike licks his lips. Mike scoffs and turns back to the eliminated competition – JACK SPINS HIM ROUND… MIKE LANE IS SEEIN’ RED! JACK JUST FUCKING SPIKED HIS PARTNER! A crazed Jack rolls Lane over! ONE… TWO… THREE! NO! 2.9 AND THREE FUCKING QUARTERS! The crowd boil over as Lane kicks out! Jack laughs to himself and crawls over to Brent. ONE… TWO… THR– Kersh kicks out!

Still laughing, Jack pulls Lux over to him. ONE… TWO… Shoulder up by Lux, having had the most time to recover! Jack pulls the white luchador up and forces him into the corner with a forearm. Brent and Lane both show signs of life on the mat. “Your God FEARS ME!” Jack screams at Lux as he SLAPS him in the face. He hoists him up onto the top turnbuckle and starts to climb up himself.

FOREARM TO THE BACK! Jack teeters, but catches himself. He kicks back at an attacking Kersh, but Lux catches him with a shot to the gut. Kersh and Lux both work Jack over, until Kersh ducks between Jack’s legs. He carries Jack on his broad shoulders and slowly steps backwards – Jack lighting him up with rights and lefts from above! The fans rise to their feet… something big is gonna go down… Jack stops hitting Kersh and looks up… LUX LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE – HOLY SHIT! LUX SNATCHES JACK FROM BRENT’S SHOULDERS WITH A FRONT-FLIP PILEDRIVER! SUPER DISCIPLE MAKER!

The fans ERUPT at the INSANE move, as Jack BOUNCES off the mat – just long enough to get a shot of him seeing stars! Lux crawls over him. ONE… TWO… KERSH DROPS AN ELBOW ON HIM! The backstabber has his family in his heart as he pulls Lux up and SCOOPS HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! Lux fights it but the top-rope piledriver has taken it out of him – SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Brent covers his comrade. ONE… TWO… THREE! NEW CHAMPION! NO! LANE PULLS HIM OFF! Lane even has to ask the referee if it was three! Lane loads it up – SHADOW KICK! BRENT BLOCKS IT! He spins Mike round and SCOOPS HIM UP! WILL BRENT KERSH TAKE THE OSW CHAMPIONSHIP BACK TO RAGE!? SOUTHERN DIS– LANE DROPS DOWN BEHIND HIM… SHADOW KICK! HE NAILS IT!

BUT THE ENFORCER DOESN’T GO DOWN! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Mike shakes his head in disbelief and races into the ropes – RUNNING SHADOW KICK! Kersh falls to the second superkick and Lane collapses into the cover. ONE… TWO… THREE! “For the Love of God” plays as the referee raises an exhausted Mike Lane’s hand into the air. Against all odds – against his own mentor – Mike Lane has RETAINED his WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Jack is still none too clever following the piledriver; Lux and Brent recover on the outside, keeping their distance from each other.

Mike Lane drags his broken body back to his feet and is handed his World Championship, raising it into the air as the fans around the arena give him a standing ovation. He’s done the unthinkable here tonight and defended his Championship.

Suddenly a thunderous boom can be heard, shaking the entire foundations of the arena. Mike stumbles backwards with the impact as dust starts falling from the rafters.

“What the hell is that?” the commentators query as yet another explosive sound can be heard in the background. The fans suddenly start bailing, rushing towards the exits as lights begin toppling inside the ring, barely missing The Champion who barely escapes to the outside, falling on his ass.

The camera switches immediately to the backstage area, people running and screaming as explosions quite literally occur in front of us. Fireballs are released from broken pipes as beams fall from the ceiling, collapsing on top of poor innocent people.

“Move! Get down, get out of the way!” screams a panicked man who dives for cover, being missed by a rebar by inches. A massive plume of dust suddenly explodes from a nearby office, the door falling immediately off its hinges as Jackson Slade stumbles out into the hall way. He’s holding his mid-section where a large metal pipe protrudes, grasped by his bloody hands.

He falls to the floor, the camera showing us Wes Warhammer and Pig who’re both unconscious or worse inside the room. We turn to the left, noticing Legion pinned to a wall by concrete. Then we turn to the right, seeing Reichous Marx laid out, bleeding under rubble. The camera man immediately drops the camera and rushes towards Slade, trying to help him as another explosion rocks the wall behind them, sending us to complete and utter darkness.

Then static.