Behind Blue Eyes

In EMM, Promo by El Mariachi Muerte

No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

There are many Arcadians that hide a sense of hopelessness behind their eyes.

Take a trip, mi amigos, through the slums and you will find many a desperate folk.

The sad, the downtrodden. They will believe anything you tell them, if you are convincing enough.

No one knows what it’s like
To be hated
To be fated
To telling only lies

A desperate slum-dweller is offered two pills and told they must make a choice.

Take the red pill and all of their pain will cease to be a problem for them any longer.

Take the blue pill, and they will continue to live in pain and agony. Their eyes will be opened to the tragedies happening around them and they will feel the devastation more closely than ever before.

We constantly tell desperate folks to keep taking the blue pill and eventually things will change, knowing full well that we feed them only lies packaged convincingly.

You see, amigos, the blue pill is but a placebo. It changes nothing but their perception of their world. Nothing will change other than the fact that they will be forever filled with the curious question… What if I had taken the red pill?

Eventually, one after the other, they always come back and ask for that red pill.

My dreams they aren’t this empty
As my conscience seems to be…

And if I swallow anything evil
Put your finger down my throat…

Vision, Grimskull… You each present your case to your followers in the form of a blue pill. A way to change the perception of life itself, without actually rescuing folks from the very conditions that they’re suffering from in the first place.

Vision, your blue pill comes in the form of a physical blinding. Literally changing the way your followers perceive the world. For if they cannot see the pain around them, they will ignore it.

Grimskull, you simply tell them that if they endure that agony, eventually it will lead them to freedom.


All you have done is made people desperate to seek alternative treatment.

The red pill waits to deliver that which you cannot offer them.

A way out of their suffering.

No one knows what it’s like
To feel these feelings
Like I do
And I blame you

I am the red pill.


For when they listen to my song, they will hear the truth behind my words. Not every pill the doctor prescribes is intended to heal… The blue pill merely makes the patient sick enough to keep coming back.

The red pill is the purest truth for those desperate enough to stick hot pokers into their eyes.

For death ends all suffering.

O’Death is simply here because the doctor is doing his rounds.

He offers the specialised red-pill treatment that your blue-pill placebos surely lack.

A permanent solution to the issues of the slums.

No more enduring pain, but blissful… Beautiful death.

O’Death will see you now.