Strokes of Illusion

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

Walk into your nearest gallery and go to the first painting that you see.

Can you see the meaning behind the artistry even in its simplicity or is it just another decoration on the wall?

This is a quandary every artist I have met faces, the legitimacy of their work

And the legacy it leaves behind.

There was once such an artist that graced my humble abode.

A struggling creator weighed down in the tide of a thousand promising souls.

All with the talent to succeed just not the opportunity to find that lifeboat of survival.

So I lent him my hand and pulled into the paradise of relevancy.

His works, once tossed to the side as mediocre garbage became the talk of the town.

Simple creations of a woman sitting down and melting clocks transformed into items that would stand the test of time.

As even now, years after his death, this talentless fool is revered by the likes of Apollo himself.

And now, yet another artist stands in front of me as he looks to transcend mortality.

Now I admit, I’ve worked with many artists. Painters, sculpters, writers, musicians.

You name the soul and my visage was hoisting them higher then greatness

Yet although murder is not my preferred entertainment, I see the value in the blood you coat your canvas.

A creativity in how you manipulate your victims and morph them into becoming something more then they were in life.

However I find myself disappointed in how you continue to limit yourself.

Oh sure, Arcadia knows your name as the most vile serial killer of this age but such things fade after time.

You need to permeate the very minds of Arcadias citizens and you cannot do that playing your little games with hobos and disposable soldiers.

All you need is a little boost Jasper, because while your presence may draw shivers down the spines of those who know the stories.

With my help, even Deimos would tremble at the very mention of your name.

Just imagine, Jasper Redgrave, the greatest serial killer of all time. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Before you shake this poor sinners hand though, be careful what you wish for

Because immortality may be what you truly desire.

But time has a way of diluting all meaning behind what you create.

The Scream was a symbol of his agony walking into his daughters suicide. The Mona Lisa was the last portrait of his wife before she descending into dementia.

Yet now, they’re known simply as that painting of the terrified man and the smirking bitch on a chair.

Just like they won’t remember the names of your victims or why they were chosen.

All they’ll remember is the monster who created them.

It’s a simple choice my boy, which do you value more? The art you create or the artist you wish to become?

Take my hand and watch as your name overwhelms every single piece of art you ever created.

Or deny it and continue wallowing in your mediocrity

As I make damn well sure your name and art fade away in the blink of an eye.