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In Albert Lamplight, Promo by Albert Lamplight

[The front door to Illumination Antiques opens up, and our final customer of the evening takes his exit. Albert smiles with a wave and then shuts the door, before hanging …

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The Rhino

In Promo, The Yellow Python by The Yellow Python

Strong. Thick skinned. Able to push its way through near anything and leave a trail of carnage in its wake. There’s plenty of things to be admired about a rhino. …

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In Gemini, Promo by Gemini

Vengeance. A force as ancient as time itself, a pestilence that feeds on the soul, decaying the very essence of one’s being. It is a disease, a blight that spreads, …

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In Promo, Vision by Vision

Pull. Push. Pull. Push. What is the measure of a leader? It is not his ability to give orders, for any man can make demands. Nor is it their ability …

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In PMS, Promo by PMS

Heavens to Betsy, do I love gardening! It helps me get my head right when I start my day. There isn’t anything much more refreshing or empowering, save for a …

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I Can

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

[Stood in front of Felix, who has his head lowered shamefully.] “No-one has ever dared tell me I can’t.” [The VHS screen flashes.] [A younger Doom, winning a science prize.] …

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I Can’t

In Felix Foley, Promo by Felix Foley

[Static.] [Images flash on a screen.] [Sat in the playground at school.] [A bloody nose. Boy, did that hurt.] “You can’t beat me Foley. I’m bigger, stronger and faster than …

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Snake Eyes

In Promo, Victor Doom by Victor Doom

Being trapped in the darkness with but the silence of the world around you to keep company, you learn a little bit about those misfortunate enough to find themselves in …

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In Promo, Sebastian Boswick by Sebastian Boswick

The following announcement is a message from the Arcadian Censorship Authority.   🚫   Good people of Arcadia, as my brilliant colleague Tucker Goode and his folks at the AAC …

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On Vacation

In Dr. Death, Promo by Dr. Death

Inside an empty Clinic an airborne precaution alarm is blaring. Dr. Death swings the door open, walks inside and slams it shut behind him. He briskly moves to the gas …