Two Whores

In Promo by Knick Knack

Once through a strange sort of gaffe Two twins became one, split in half! One sweet, to be blunt The other? A cunt But both took a ride on me …

The Hunter

In Promo by Tallywhack

A professional hunter knows what he’s looking for, aye? It’s a wee bit of a field out there for the normal eye, but the true men of the woods already know …

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The Mirror of Valheita

In Promo, Vision by Vision

Close your eyes. I see a mirror.  But this is no ordinary mirror, no.  A lavish mirror set in a forgotten room. Surrounded by the bones of countless souls that …


In Promo by The Vulture

“A photograph.” “In it, a man looks charming. He’s a blue collar worker with a heart of gold and a family that love him. He’s attractive, but in a guy …

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In EMM, Promo by El Mariachi Muerte

A calm before the storm. A whistling in the trees. Paranoia is blowing in the breeze. All I’ve ever found is burning to the ground, and all I’ll ever do …

Negocios Legítimos

In Promo by Caesar XL

I’m a legitimate businessman, mi chico. And the thing I hate the most of all? Negrocio incompleto. Sketchy business. Through all of these years that I’ve managed my Club 40, …

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Christmas Trees

In Gemini Light, Promo by Gemini

When they brought me out to do a photoshoot, I thought I’d have an exciting subject. But it was just a pair of trees. Short ugly trees, at that. All …

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Artful Death

In Mannfred Curze, Promo by Mannfred Curze

An artist places a brush on canvas, and the world feels inspired. They see deep messages in the art, either for themselves or for the artist. Artists express their deepest …

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Three-In-One Special

In Dr. Death, Promo by Dr. Death

I try to come up with individualized treatment plans for each of my patients. It’s so important to determine the precise needs they have in order to get them exactly …