In Promo by Tureos


Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust.

Under the night sky with the moon shinning, they find peace there amongst them all.

Living things burn, and they turn to ash. If one burns a piece of paper it turns to ash. We all know this, we’ve all been that pyromaniac that experimented with fire. Any living thing that burns to ashes, their souls are taken. Leaving nothing behind. But here is something for you.

A bird, called a phoenix, burns to ashes and somehow is reborn from it’s own ashes. It’s soul gone.

A house burns leaving nothing but ashes behind. No one comes out alive.

An apartment explodes leaving a crater in the ground. No souls remain.

A body is cremated, ashes remain and some will spread those ashes in their remembrance, but they are not reborn. So what is this devil in disguise that causes one phoenix to be reborn.

They hold hands as they look on and talk amongst themselves. The moonlight shines on the man and the woman. But we do not see who or where they are.

The bird was not reborn from it’s own ashes. It has a different personality, a different mentality and most of all a different soul. When that soul is taken and ashes fall, a new soul will rise.

Will these creatures seek revenge for their fallen brother or sisters demise? Or will they know it’s a lost battle and carry on with their own lives and leave the past in the past. The phoenix knows that the lost of their significant one was bound to happen. They understand their role in their lives.

Humans, when they die and their souls leave this earth, some have a hard time of letting them go and that rage builds to no end.

So explain to me Jensen Cussen how have you changed in your second chance at life?

Your previous life was a success and a well accomplished soul. Something I’m sure she was proud of.

This time around success will be hard to find. Your soul will lose. It will lose sight of what you want to achieve and will lose sight of her. Everything you accomplished will be an afterthought. No one will remember what your soul did 4 years ago, it will only be your memory. What everyone will remember is what you do now, or more like what you don’t do. Will this new soul let you be just as successful as the one before?

The path breaks in between the couple to reveal her tombstone.

And this is not about doing it for her. It never was. No it’s…. guilt. You couldn’t stop her. You were beat trying to and it cost you your soul.

If there is one that knows what a soul is, it is me. One by one those who wrongs themselves or others, including you Jensen Cussen, be prepared….

Your soul will be mine.

The tombstone reads:

Sarah Johnson
Daughter and Sister
May your soul rest in peace