Drips Start Dripping

In Promo by Banzan

‘The storm starts when the drips start dripping. When the drips stop dripping, the storm starts stopping.’

Have you ever taken a walk upon what you thought was a perfectly sunny day?

Then, before long, the sky begins to darken with cloud and you feel the weather begin to turn. At the first drips of rain fall from that darkened sky, you know the storm is nigh. Unprepared, you scramble to get to the safety of shelter before the heavens open up and the rain pours.

Stuck in the storm, you arrive home. Drenched wet, windswept from the storm. If only you had seen the warning signs and taken your umbrella.

We each have our fair share of troubles in our lives. Into every life, some rain must fall.

But it is how much we allow the rain to drench us that shows how the storm affects our lives. Trying to stop the rain from falling is like a foolish man shouting at the sky. Ultimately useless. All we are able to do is prepare for the storm, weather the blows and prepare ourselves so the the troubles in our lives do not consume us.

I have had my fair share of troubles, and the storms that have followed me have been bloody and violent. You too know this feeling, Luke.

You have had your fair share of rain that has fallen upon your fields.

So what were your drips that started dripping? The warning signs.

Where once you stood as a family man, a career man, even your mere presence in Old School Wrestling saw you seeking something more. The first drip. A family man not content with being simply that. And your daughter suffered the consequences for your ambition.


The more you sold your soul to Hollywood, the less of a family man you became. Your own selfish ego fuelled your storm, Luke. You just never saw what your actions were doing to those you loved.


Finally, when you reached the peak of the mountain, you dominated your arena. You surrounded yourself with those likeminded people, who would just as easily sell you out. And they did. You never saw the storm coming. Your own ego wouldn’t let you. Because you never see the storm on the horizon when you’re standing atop the world. When it hit, and she turned on you… You were simply left drenched, standing in the rain.

If only you had brought your umbrella, or seen the clouds forming.

My story could easily become yours Luke, for the storms that have followed my path rival yours.

Only, as strong and violent the storms may be, I have always heeded their warning. I always notice the rain.

While those around me fell, I have stood strong.

For the mountain always outlasts the storm.

You can throw whatever tempest you want my way inside that ring.

But it won’t protect your daughter. And it won’t stop Pyre revealing your secrets.

When the drips stop dripping from your life, the mountain will still be standing.