[VHS] Here Lies Draco



Stars are shown spread across the sky as a shooting star shoots across.  It’s gorgeous as the not-so-gorgeous face of LH Harrison is shown staring straight up as he lays in the grass.  He takes a deep breath as the chains rattle at the slightest of movements.  His arms are bound together as are his legs.

Some say that these stars align to create mythical figures of history and represent historical feats that are told in the form of stories through generations.”

Harrison sighs.

“The story of Draco is no exception.”

Harrison raises his cuffed hand as he makes a point towards the sky.  The stars within that constellation seem to glow in response to show its location.

“If history is anything to base upon, this dragon named Draco guarded golden apples in the garden of Hesperides.  It was Hercules who was instructed to capture these apples as part of his atonement.  Hercules had slew his people, and he was tasked with twelve labors to atone for his sins against them.  This demi-god quickly learned that the feat of slaying this hundred-head beast was impossible.”

He snickers.

Impossiblewithout help.

“Hercules realized that he needed someone to find the evasive apples as he did not know where they were located within the enormous garden of Hesperides.  It was then that he contacted the titan Atlas who knew exactly where the apples were kept, but he could not defeat the dragon.  Hercules, with the encouragement of the titan, slayed the dragon and agreed to take on the burden of holding the Heavens afloat in exchange for Atlas retrieving the apples for him.”

Harrison closes his eyes as if slipping into a trance.

“Hercules used his mind to outsmart this labor and obtain the golden apples and complete his eleventh labor.”

His sunken, red eyes slowly open.

“If only Captain Zappa was an intelligent as that demi-god.  If he were then he would know that the Dragon Templar only stands for one thing:  order.  His entire regime holds true to maintaining the world as it is rather than allowing it to evolve.”

A soft shake of his head as he stares into the shining night sky.

“The dragon Draco stood for stagnation and maintaining the order of the garden just the same as this Dragon Templar presents himself as the barrier against change.  You condemned your source of power, Zappa, and, as a result, you must atone for damning the Zeta by completing your labors of justice.  You are the embodiment of Hercules born with the ability to change the world and earn your place within it.”

“Yet Hercules could not triumph the dragon and find the golden apples without the aid of Atlas.

Finally, LH Harrison sits up as the chains make an awful racket.

“And that’s where we come in.”

“The Revenants are more than willing to aid in your destruction of the dragon and help you find the golden apples that you so seek.”

He slowly pushes himself to his feet.

“All we ask in return is that you bring the apples back home to The Underworld once you’ve found the source of the The Templars’ power.  A simple request in return for helping you to atone for the crimes you committed against the Zeta.”

Harrison looks up once more.

Some say that the constellations tell stories of mythological pasts, yet I see them differently.  The stars don’t show us our past rather than guide us, like sailors, towards our future.  The stories held within their formations only indicate what lies in store for this world.”

With this, a hole begins forming around the feet of LH Harrison as he begins to sink as if being recalled back to The Underworld.

“Captain Zappa, you must accept your place in this war and study the stars for they will truly guide you to your final destination:  at The Underworld’s door.”

Only his head is visible at this point as he continues to sink.

Slay the dragon, Zappa, and discover the power of what lies beneath.”

His head disappears into the hole as it covers itself leaving only the sound of crickets and the light of the stars shining bright.