Jake Jeckel

People say the world is vain.

Everyone is concerned only with themselves. Their outward appearances… what other people think… of them and only them. And why not, right? How many times have you heard somebody say ‘we live in vain’? So why care about anyone but yourself if you truly believe life is lacking in substance… in worth…

But if we are so vain… do we also then fight in vain? And does that mean… she died, in vain?

No, I refuse to accept that! Those people… those people are the exception, not the rule. Calypso wasn’t vain! She didn’t give a fuck what she looked like… what other people thought! And it was obvious she cared about a lot more than just herself! Just ask her peop…

After she left me… after the family took her from me! Life did indeed begin to seem like it lacked substance or worth. I’ve always been a bit self-divulging, but I’ve never felt like this. This past month, I got a true glimpse of it… of how some of you people exist… of living in vain… and in doing so, I saw how one could easily come to care only about themselves… just look at the Family and you can see that. How could one take steps towards snuffing out the entire fucking world if they didn’t think it wasn’t worth anything!

People are evil… people are vain… but not everyone! Not all the time!

Not Calypso! Not Rhodes or Zappa or Kersh! Not me, not anymore! Not Jackie boy… The Amazing Jeckel Brothers do not fight in vain! And if it’s the last thing I do, she damn sure won’t have died in vain! Because Lux… DTR… Mother… Jensen and Max, not everyone will go quietly into that goodnight!

This isn’t just about me getting revenge on the Family… this isn’t just about Calypso or Jack or me… the Founding Fathers or the Knights Templar… it’s about everyone. Even those that are living in vain! We don’t let these mother fuckers decide our fate like they did Calypsos! No, when we fight, we succeed!

This war between the Amazing Jeckel Brothers and the Family at State of Emergency will be the first blow the Jeckel brothers land on the Evils of this rotting den that once was the Taproom! We take it back for the people… lift everyone up, by taking the Family down… for the underground, by the clowns!