To Fly With Dragons


“Fly, dragon, fly.”

A warm, crackling fire burns in the center of the woods as small bits of ash fly up on occasion.  The only sound on this brisk night being the burning of logs and the howl of wind billowing through the woods.  Yet as the perspective alters, Hysteria is shown with a storybook in his hand and the Old School Wrestling Heavyweight Championship laying beside him on a log.  Even in the dim light of the campfire, the look of longing and parenthood is picked up.

These were the words uttered by the young king when he released the dragon that his kingdom had held hostage.  Having created a friendship with the creature, the young man promised he would release the shackles of slavery in exchange for one gift.  The young king asked for one year to prepare for a glorious battle between the two.  The dragon agreed with the thirst of freedom and the promise of bloodshed in only a year’s time.”

Hysteria flips a page as a log shifts inside of the fire.

“Over the course of the period, both the dragon and the king readied themselves in fierce combat and developed their tenacity.  The king became proficient in his blade and his bow, while the dragon slaughtered people in droves in nearby villages to quench his thirst and to send a direct message to the king himself.”

Hysteria gives a little laugh as if enjoying the carnage on the page before him before flipping the page to the next.

“Finally, the time had come as the dragon prepared itself for the momentous day.  The bloodthirsty beast glided into sight of the kingdom having mentally prepared itself to not settle for any morsel in the path between himself and the young king that had released him from his incarceration.  With broad flaps, the gargantuan beast swooped into the kingdom just as the sun rose over the mountainside.”

Hysteria’s enjoyment pauses as he takes a beat with his head slowly turning towards the title and away from the book.

“Only, the kingdom had prepared for him.”

He flips a page.

“While the fire-breathing behemoth had prepared for the clash with the king himself, the king had amassed an army.  Using the misdeeds and anger of the people, the king had constructed an army so powerful that the dragon had no choice but to fight them to reach the king.”

Hysteria flips a page as his tone becomes more hurried and frantic as if to build the tension to a young child.

“The red-scaled reptile belched up plumes of disastrous flames that killed many who got in its way.  Yet as his fire become exhausted, the only blood in sight began to become his own.  The numbers grew to be too many, the arrows too powerful, and the swords too sharp.”

He mimics a death in the most grandiose fashion nearly dropping the book itself.

“The beast of burden was slain just as quickly as it had arisen.”

Flips a page.

“The king, having never even entered the fray of combat, finally chose this moment to descend from his throne with a spear in hand and a smirk upon his face before dealing the final blow.”

Hysteria slams the book shut as his head slowly, eerily turns towards the campfire as the light reflects off of his mask.

“You see, Solomon, you may claim the powers and abilities to rise with dragons and cast their flames, but your weakness is the exact same as your strength.”

He counts these on his fingers as he says it.



“It’s your HONOR that drives you towards saving the world from the evils brought forth by the man who brought you back from the other side of death.”

“The man who saved you from the slavery of death’s incarceration.

Hysteria pauses for a moment before rising with the OSW World Championship in one hand and the book in the other.

“This determination may make you a powerful beast, but it also makes you a susceptible to oversight.  While you look ahead with fire and blood in your eyes and on your breath, others watch from underneath with weapons drawn and that exact same determination in their eyes.”

Hysteria throws the book into the fire.

“Others like me.”

He grips the title belt tight to his chest almost as if protecting it from the flames as the book makes the flames jump momentarily.

“I can feel my eyes singeing from the burn and my mouth is frothing from the amount of iron.  On Monday night, The Mad Mastermind is back with NO remorse in sight.”

Hysteria lets out a deranged, sinister cackle as if he’d been holding it back the entire story.

“And when I pin your wings to the mat, I’ll lean down to you and give you the same advice that king gave to that poor dragon.”

His laughter stops as his voice drops down to barely audible.

“Fly, little dragon, fly.”

More laughter as darkness takes ahold of the scene including the fire.