The Unknown.

No Face

Darkness. Only moonlight illuminates anything. Under the moonlight stands No Face.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

No Face stands beside a cage, key in hand.

“In the mind of man, they find themselves trapped by one thing, fear. The very concept of it, something looming over their head constantly, chaining them down inside of their own head. Like a cage formed of their wildest nightmares, bars black as night and padlocks formed of your darkest depressions.”

Inside of the cage, a man.

“Humans sit inside of a self-made cell, begging to be released from the confines that hold them down, their prejudices and night terrors that haunt their lives. While many wish to close their eyes and dream of a key that can free them, many succumb to the darkness surrounding them, falling into the shadows and becoming one with the very cage that imprisons them.”

He unlocks the cage, the man looking at No Face with fear.

“And these are the men who embrace the cage around them and bow to it, welcoming it, their oppressor, into their very souls. They become conduits for these beings, the fears inside the cage with them, and march on humanity with them in command. They believe themselves to be vigilantes, condemning the world around them and prosecuting those that they do not understand.”

He cowers as No Face seemingly motions for him to leave.

“And these are the men who feared the unknown. The Shadow, Dr. Sleep. Men who cowered at the thought of facing anything outside of their comfort zone, the cage they had grown to know for so long. While these demons inside of their heads tempted them with power and the ability to battle anything outside of their domains, they refused to leave their cages, fearing the unknown because they were too terrified to dwell outside of their own preconceived notions.”

The man still refuses to leave, clinging to the bars.

“You dealt an amazing injustice to the world around you, not daring to peer through the bars you built and outside of your mind. You chose instead to close your eyes and allow this new persona to become your face. You only left the cell when you believed yourself to hold power over your fellow man. You wanted to be the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of those who you didn’t understand. So you crawled from the abyss and sought to hunt down the men who dared oppose your system and throw ourselves from out iron traps and into the unknown, coming out into daylight on the other side.”

No Face merely shakes his head.

“While you hid in the shadows and slept through the hardships, Injustice saw past the fear that plagued mankind.”

And he enters the cage.

“So throw away the key and feel those shackles dig into your wrists, forcing you down to the cold hard ground, your head held under your hands as you sink away from the things you don’t understand. Wither away in the darkness that you use to protect yourself, never allowing yourself to see the light, the truth of the world around you.”

The man has nowhere to go as No Face grabs his head.

“Open your mind and indulge in the unknown before you. Allow the secrets beyond your reach to finally be revealed.”

The silent one crushes it, the man unable to even scream.

“Or remain behind, blind, deaf, dumb. Unable to communicate to the world.”

And No Face refuses to let go.

“Become like me.”