The Three Brothers

LH Harrison

A moon spreads into the sky as a familiar masked wrestler stands over a campfire without moving as his cloak billows in the night wind.

“On a mountain high away from civilization, three brothers lived in nearby houses with only their other two brothers and their families to interact with.  They led happy lives albeit isolated and somewhat lonely.  It was these three brothers who welcomed a stranger into their small community.”

Hysteria’s hands find location on his hips as he slowly tilts his head to the side.

“The stranger offered them riches beyond their wildest dreams should they be able to successfully answer his riddle.  The gaunt and ghastly figure smiled in delight at the idea of them engaging in his game.  Being tired of their dreary and mundane lives, they accepted the challenge as the gleeful near-apparition offered them the riddle.  The three brothers debated long and hard on the riddle trying to decipher the difficult riddle’s inner meaning.  Finally, they gave an answer which seemed to please the spirit much to their surprise.”

A small chuckle as the flames seem to build up a bit at this moment.  He holds up one finger.

“He offered them each a wish to which he would do his best ability to grant to them.  The first brother stepped forward and wished that he could disappear at any moment and slink into the shadows to watch from close quarters.  The spirit nodded with a grin before waving his hands and creating a thin silk cloak to which the brother placed upon his head and vanished from their sight.”

He holds up a second finger.

“The second brother stepped forward seeing the magic performed before his very eyes.  He held out his hands eagerly and requested something to keep himself alive and have control over the very realm of life and death.  The shadowy figure considered this proposition for a moment before creating a stone to which it gave the individual who instantly left to enter a nearby graveyard and raise his mother from the grave.  They embraced there as the third brother stepped forward.”

He holds up a third finger.

“After a moment of quiet contemplation, the third brother requested something to take the life of another without fail.  A simple point and destroy.  This pleased the spirit as he quickly assembled something made of wood and glowing runes upon it.  The spirit reached down and told him to just point it at the target and say these four little words with those whispered in his ear.”

Hysteria closes his fist as he brings a finger to his mouth.

“The cloaked brother spent the remainder of his week searching nearby mountains and watching those passersby with the invisibility granted by the cloak.  Yet when he took off the cloak at home, he discovered his family was gone as their bodies lay strewn upon the floor.  While he’d been too busy chasing the world, his family suffered the consequences.”

The Mad Mastermind steps away from the fire and into the darkness as the light from the flames reflects off of his back.

“The second brother may have been able to raise those from the dead, but it revealed a nasty truth as the revived bodies only lived a short life filled with emptiness and uncontrollable rage.  Yet when he realized this, the stone was taken from him by force.”

He steps back towards the fire as he begins to chuckle.

“The third brother realized the true power of his gift and sought to destroy the other two brothers of power.  He’d seen their power and realized their strengths as he followed the shadows and watched the controller life fall to the floor clutching his stone as the third brother gave a chilling laugh and pointed his gift at his brothers before reciting four important words…”

He raises a wand in his hand as he points it directly at the camera with a wicked and wild laugh.