The sea.


An old rusted bathtub sits in an equally aged bathroom. The bathtub is filled with old dirty water and beside the bathtub crouches Mother, in her hand she has some old children’s bath toys a boat, a shark and seagull. She places the boat and the seagull down leaving in her hand the shark.

Once upon a time deep down in the depths of a dark and gloomy ocean lived a huge and vicious shark named Hades.

Mother drops the toy shark into the dirty water and it sinks to the bottom.

Down there deep inside that ocean, Hades reigned supreme as the top predator. Not only did he have power over the rest of the sea, but quite often creatures from above would fall down into his domain and as much as they kicked and screamed and wanted to escape the water, his sharp glistening teeth would drag those unfortunate souls down into the murky depths of oblivion. As far as Hades knew he was all powerful and a god of this underwater realm.

Next Mother places the small boat upon the water and it bobs up and down.

Resting upon the ocean above the underwater realm of Hades was a fisherman named Ordell Terminus. As far as fishermen went he was the very best the ocean had to offer. Every night before he laid his head down to rest Ordell would pray to the gods of the sea for a bountiful catch and every morning the gods would provide him with what he’d requested. Ordell was the master of the tide and there was nobody else who rode those waves better than he. As far as fishing went Ordell was king.

Mother picks up the bird and holds it above the water.

Finally above the sea soaring in the blue skies there lived a seagull named Bobby Neptune. This seagull had spent the majority of his life flying above the clouds. His knowledge of the world was unmatched by anything else in the sky. He’d flown to places the average creature could not even hope to imagine. The things he saw and the places he’d been had made him wise and he was known as   the emperor of the skies.

Mother pauses for a second.

The man, the shark and the bird all believed they were the masters of the sea, the Shark ruled below, the man ruled on the sea and the bird ruled above it.  In their minds they were untouchable, but that would all change.

One day,  when the man was floating,  the Shark was swimming and the bird flying, their world came crashing down. They came face to face with a force none of them could withstand, the force of mother nature.  A powerful storm like no other formed without warning and the devasting hurricane it brought with it was like nothing the sea had ever witnessed

Mother reaches into the water and picks up the shark throwing it across the room. She sinks the boat down into the water and throws the seagull into the waves joining the boat down in the murky depths.

It yanked the shark out from the depths of the water throwing it onto deadly rocks tearing it to bloodied shreds, it turned the sea into a deadly wave of death sinking the fishing boat drowning the man and the powerful winds it brought snapped the wings of the poor seagull who fell lost to the waves forever.

She stands up off her knees and brushes down her clothes.

You see you can be the master of the underworld like Hades, you can be the master of mortal man like Ordell or you can be the master of the skies like Bobby, but when the full force of mother nature comes calling you cannot withstand the barrage of suffering she’ll wreak upon you and you’ll all succumb to her sweet embrace and then you’ll all live ….

She pauses

Happily ever after.

She pulls the plug out of the bathtub and walks off as the scene fades to black.