The Prison Key

Adam Eve

“The only prison that can hold you is the one of your own making.”

[Adam Eve sits alone inside a dark, damp prison cell. His head hung low. Lost deep in reflection.]

“As a child, I felt ostracised, excluded, too afraid to show my real face to the world. I’d shut myself away in my room and turn the stereo right up in an attempt to drown out their voices. But no matter how loud the music got, I would always hear every word they said. Freak. Pervert. That the devil had a hold of my soul.

[Adam Eve shakes his bowed head.]

“It was only years later, after my transformation, when The Made Man made good on his promise to step out of that room and bare his true soul to the world that I realised… I’m no prisoner, that actually, the world is a prisoner, imprisoned by its own narrow views.”

[The Man Man eyeballs the camera.]

“Me, I now see the beauty in the world, where the world can only see fear and hatred. The world is in fact the one that’s stuck in a trap. Better yet, stuck in a trap of your making Damien Levi. See, it’s not my soul you had a hold of as a child, it’s the souls of the people closest to me that were held captive in a prison of your making. I now see that you and I have been at battle my entire life. For decades now you’ve been trying to push me further and further into a corner until I had no choice but to surrender to your will. But I never did and I never will.”

[Adam Eve confidently gets to his feet. Strides towards the camera. Looking through the lens. Right into Damien Levi’s soul.]

“I made my choice. To free myself from the expectations and judgements of others. It must eat away at you how you couldn’t imprison this poor, lonely, unloved transgender. The big, bad son of the devil, incapable of overpowering a man in a woman’s body. But this frustration has made you desperate, hasn’t it, Damien? Because here you stand, face to face with Adam Eve. Trying to achieve in person what you could never achieve through others.”

[Adam Eve backs up from the camera. Walks towards the prison cell’s barred door.]

“What you haven’t considered though Damien is perhaps this was my plan all along. To coax you out of whatever little hole you were hiding in and fight you in one final battle. And don’t think I’m fighting to eradicate you from my life… it’s to eradicate you from the lives of the people I still love. Irrespective of what they said about me when I was a child. Because I’m not the prisoner, Damien. I’m the prison key. And beating you will release those you’ve imprisoned in bigotry. For when a bigot witnesses The Made Man, Adam Eve, a transgender wrestler defeat the supposed all-powerful son of the devil, the spawn of hell itself, they’ll have no choice but to see the beauty in my accomplishment. To see the walls of their narrow minds collapse and say as one with me, what I’ve always longed to hear over the loud music…”

[Adam Eve pulls the cell door open. It’s unlocked. He steps outside the prison cell. Looks back at the camera, one final time.]

“You don’t have to be born a man to be the man!”