‘The Origin’



Standing over his fallen partner, the Virus looks down at her decaying carcass.

“Because of you, I introduce every last breathing entity to the ACTUAL origins of Evil. The living embodiment of everything that was once pure confines itself in the tiniest of beings. Each singular pore, every single vein, blood, cell, the entirety of my spawn is EVIL!!!”

“The strangest of events have brought us to the origin. Because of you Stephanie, because of everything you’ve given and everything you’ve believed in, My Virus, my son, my Noah, can lay claim to the ending. He is the end all be all. He is the purest of evil.”

The unfortunate ending that everyone expected. Stephanie was able to give birth but couldn’t sustain much after that.

But what she created, Noah.

“For you see, I, I am a noble man blessed with the curse of this Virus. Like his father, Noah cannot be killed because you did not create him. You, each and every last one of you did everything in your power to smite him down, to try to end his life before he came to be. But Stephanie, you harbored no ill will and you created this beautiful little boy. For you Stephanie, I will continue to enlist their services and together your name will live on in infamy. Our destruction……Is because of you.”

“And you.”

Looking away from Stephanie, The Virus takes a few steps and picks up the small child, he covets it in his arms and the suspected twinkle in his eye is nothing more than an evil grin. 

“Now I’ve never claimed to be the man that controls the world but by some dubious honor bestowed me, this little thing, he does. There are men, great and powerful men, lining up all over trying to incite some sort of violence upon us, but there will be nothing of the sort. There are men who would rather see you six feet under before they’d allow you to prosper.”

“It’s the end of the world and we are all puppets in the play that is this life. My back is no longer against the wall and all comers can try to rip this power from my grasp but I dare you, I DARE YOU MAN to fulfill the promise. Doubt, Sharkman, Ordell, your end was decided long before HE was born.”

The child, Noah, smirks back.

“Every predetermined factor has been waiting for this. I have single handedly been waiting to bring down the horizon, kill the sun, let the moon shine brightly into the afterlife. My prophecy is one of hate, vengeance, and violence. Believe me you, I will stop at nothing to protect my kin and let him fulfill his ultimate destiny of propelling our world into a tail spin, a downward spiral straight to the darkest depths of hell.”

“So come one by one, stand up before me, before us. The Family is stronger than ever envisioned, ever imagined. But make sure you bring the strongest of artillery and backup, don’t do it alone because we won’t go down without a fight. I promise my son I will be the being that he needs.”

He places him, skin to skin with his dead mother. 

“And I promise to the three of you, the origin of Evil was talked about and scoffed at. But it ended before coming to light. That pipe dream is no more and the Family is pure.”

“One by one, I welcome you all, to the Family.”

He extends his arms in a crucifix like pose as the scene fades.