The Narrow Gate

The Scarecrow

On a long and winding dirt road, The Scarecrow stands at the beginning. To his right, the road is rocky, and full of difficult terrain, and a narrow metal gate halts entry. To his left, the road doesn’t appear to be so rocky and it’s secured by a wider gate.

“Enter through the narrow gate.”

“A wide gate and an easy road lead to destruction; many travel it. A narrow gate and a hard road lead to life; few find it.

He places his hand upon the metal narrow gate.

“We’ve all chosen the narrow gate and hard road, searching for life; only for different purposes. I seek life to end it, Tommy seeks life to live it and Lux seeks life to save it. But you see little birdies, we’ve all built our houses on the same road beyond that narrow gate, only on different foundations.”

With the gate in hand, he pushes it open, stepping into the road. He begins walking, and comes across a large beach front, with sand and water. Overlooking it, a large rock formation, with a small cliff edge.

“On the sand, Tommy Hawk built his home. At one with the world, he never imagined that Mother Nature would harm him. His house was sturdy and defiant. It was built with the finest materials, crafted to the highest specification and created upon the sand of his ancestors.”

He looks up at the rock.

“On the rock, high above the sand, Lux Bellator built his place of peace. It was built using the instructions given to him by a higher power. It was created in the image of the almighty Lord. He was told to have faith in this grand design. Everything happens for a reason, he was told. Everything will be okay if you follow the blueprint set before you.”

His eyes dart back to the camera, then to the sky, as he lifts his arms around him.

“And the Lord said, therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise person who built his house upon the rock. The rain poured down, the rivers flooded and the wind blew, yet the house did not fall. But everyone who did not put those words into practice would be like those who built their house upon the sand and were foolish. When the rain came and the oceans overflowed, their house would fall.”

The Scarecrow chuckles, bringing his arms down and looking at the ocean.

“Yet I have not built my house on the sand or on the rock. I have not followed instructions or put faith in nature. My house is built within the foundations of the world. My house is the raging storm that washes away your sandcastle, and shatters your rock house. I’ am in the darkness, in the trees and in the shadows. I am in every gust of wind, every drop of rain and every clap of thunder.”

“It doesn’t matter how sturdy Tommy Hawk is, or how much faith in a foundation that Lux Bellator has. They both believe their houses are indestructible. Whether on the sand or on the rock, they have travelled through the narrow gate and found life. I travelled through the narrow gate too. I too have found life. Whilst Tommy wishes to preserve and live it, and Lux Bellator wishes to provide it with salvation, I wish only for one thing; to end it.”

He sneers, turning away.

“At Invasion, your homes will be invaded by a storm unlike anything you have ever seen. They will be ripped from their foundation, stripped of their humanity and dropped into the void.”

Click. The Scarecrow snaps his fingers and suddenly, the world is thrust into darkness.

“Because my house is this world, and you’ve spent too much time on my road.”


So where your eyes don’t go… fear The Scarecrow!