The Eye of the Storm


“Knowledge is power, and ignorance is the curse of God.”

A man stands alone in a room, his back to the camera. A long black leather trench coat, covering his body from head to toe. The wallpaper in the room has begun to fade and peel, as time takes its toll upon the decaying fibers. The man shifts on his feet, broken glass that lays shattered across the floor, crunches underneath his boots. He begins to make his way across the rotting wooden floor, it bows under the weight. Finally reaching a black chair that can be seen as the only furniture in the room, he sits down. The light shines through the broken window, but the man’s face remains hidden in the shadows.

“Do you know the power that is felt as you hold a man’s future in your hands? When you are sent to send a message from something bigger than yourself. When you look across the room at men who aren’t smart enough to run. I am your salvation, your guidance from what has held you back as you walk through your life of sin and regret, as you watch as men look down upon you like ants, insolent bugs that they wouldn’t squish with a boot, but rather just walk by as if you are a ghost.”

He leans forward out of the shadows, his face broken and grotesque. Scars stretch along his face just beneath his black brimmed hat. His eye cut through the night as he looks ahead, as yellow as burning embers. He rises to his feet slowly pulling his leather trench coat off and letting it fall to the floor next him. He reaches out and flips the light switch. Not much really happens, the lights flicker, revealing the ugly green and gold walls, plaster chunks missing out of the ceiling, before growing dark once more with a slight crackle.

“Wake up from the life you have been walking through blindly. A  life that must taste like dust in your mouth, as if it was forgotten. The never-ending sound of disappointment, the constant feeling that you are sprinting in place as everyone else walks by. Walks past you like a wounded dog on the side of the road, they shield their eyes, in hopes that if they don’t look at you, they will be able to walk by without a whimper.”

He looks out the window, in the distance you can see the a storm cloud over head, in the center the eye of the storm. A red hue overtakes the rural environment around the house. Leaves laying lifeless on the ground.

“I must apologize for what I have to do, but know I will do it for your own good, and for the good of all of those you love. Soon I my hunt will be complete, I will take you in my hands and send you to your final judgement. Don’t worry, you have the opportunity to become the very first men that I have the privilege to teach. Help overcome the failures of your lives. You may say that you are perfect, but that is why I need to teach you. I need to show you what life truly is, I need to free you from you PRIDE. Free you from you own LUST, and GLUTTONY.”

His low gravel growl, almost turns into a soft whisper.  He runs his and along the windowsill, the rotten wood beginning to crumble in his hands like ash. He turns back into view, looking at the room around him.

“That’s right, I am here to be your salvation, save you from the storm you have caused in your own life. I am the eye, the peace and calm breeze, while the world of chaos circles around you. All I ask is that you learn from the lesson I am teaching you. The moment I step into the ring, each ounce of pain will have a meaning, will purify a disgusting deed from you past. You can rest easy because I am the eye of the storm.”

He pauses, a slight sigh releasing from his lungs.

“I know you will attempt to fight, so I will leave you all with a single warning. There is no need for bloodshed, but there will be. There is no need for violence, but there will be. I know that the only way that my teachings will be accepted, is if people are forced to listen. I’m here to lead you to your own salvation, to your rebirth. But before I can save you, before I can teach you, I must break you. And if you don’t break…I will have to end you.”

He stands in the center of the room, his head looking down to the floor, his hands extended. POP! Everything goes black, as if the sun itself had ceased to exist.

“For these are the words and lesson of the Lost Survivor. Listen to them closely.”