The Damned

Bruce Van Chan


[But not total. A tiny, orange light flickers in the center of the black screen.]


[But not total. Screams, full of anguish linger in the most distant parts of mind.]



[The light of a thousand suns illuminate the scene. A disembodied voice…]

“There was once an angel of heaven. Held in highest esteem among the creations of God; he was placed in positions of power time and time again. God saw him as a glorious being. Of him, the Father said: You were the signet of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.’ He was anointed with every precious stone; adorned with gold, silver and ever other fine thing.”

[We see a beautiful, winged angel. He floats on white feathers. To his right, the source of the light, unviewable in its brightness. Suddenly, we are thrust downwards from the heavens. We rush at a blinding speed. A tiny, blue dot appears. It grows larger and larger until we see green. We rush even faster until we are plunged into the green. We stop in a dense forest. Fruits grow on every tree.]

“Then God made his favorite creation: man. God placed them in the garden. To guard them in paradise, God sent his beloved angel as a cherub of Eden. This was a position of highest importance to the Father. Only his most trusted and valued angels received this assignment, yet the beloved cherub felt this position was below him.”

[The angel stands at the entrance to the garden. He holds a sword of flames, but his expression is forlorn. Anger boils beneath his alabaster skin.]

“This angel, known as Lucifer, had grown unrighteous. After millennia of hearing of his goodness and beauty, a great pride grew in his heart. He said to himself, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God. I will set my throne; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.‘ He believed himself to be great than the creator. So he assembled a great army, amassing a third of God’s angels for war.

[We see the angel, beautiful… terrible… He stands before an army of angels that covers the horizon. He turns and rushes towards the throne-room of God.]

“Poised for greatness beyond any, he struck. God, however, struck Lucifer from the heavens. He faced a power beyond his wildest dreams, and His loss was never a question. So God cast him to the lake of fire, his beauty stripped, and his pride a ruin.”

[We see the angel. He plummets through the sky at a breakneck pace, flames from his fall burn his skin. His wings turn black in the inferno, his skin red. He crashes through the Earth’s crust, and slams into a stone floor. His flaming wings go out, but not before igniting the surroundings. The flames quickly spread, igniting every visible surface. Slowly he stands, a scarred, mutilated beast has replaced his beauty.]

“Many people may not know the story of the devil’s creation. They may believe he’s always walked through the fires, pulling victims into his flaming dungeon, but he was never meant to exist. He was cast into the inferno after believing that he knew better than God.

[The camera turns, and our original sound of screams return, but amplified one-hundred fold. The source of the voice comes into the screen. It is the mutilated, reanimated corpse of Bruce Van Chan.]

“Your story is not much different from that of Lucifer’s, is it Kashim? No, like the fallen angel before you, you questioned the creator. You believed you knew better than God, yet you were quickly proven wrong. Cast from the heavens and sent to walk among mortals, you lost your place upon high.”

[Bruce pushes himself through the tortured bodies of hell’s victims. They scream and writhe, but he walks through them, and they part as he does.]

“Yet your power is not near that of the the fallen Lucifer. Your wings clipped, you’re little more than a man. Like the rest of us, you live seeking an answer to your questions… and failing… Do you understand anything, Kashim? You once soared next to God. You knew the answer most mortals seek for a lifetime, yet you tore yourself from His side.”

[He enters a large cavern. The screams halt. Here, an army of the dead stands at attention. Silent, with shields and spears, the corrupted await their orders.]

“My entire life, I searched for God. I sought his guidance, and then… I died. And because of Dr. Sleep’s actions in my body, I was sent to hell to walk with the damned. In Lucifer’s realm, I was tortured and torn. My flesh rotted and cracked, but now, Lucifer has lost control of the underworld. My new king commands the realm, and I march by his side.”

[Bruce turns and faces the army. Over his shoulder, sat upon a throne of bones, sits King Crowley.]

“Your powers can’t rival those of Lucifer, and Lucifer has lost his reign in hell. My new master has power beyond your wildest dreams, and your loss was never a question.”

[Crowley stands, and the army awaits. Bruce forms a grotesque smile, and listens for his orders.]