The Ark

The Scarecrow

“By faith Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world, and became an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.”

“As the overflowing tide of evil washes all from upon this land, salvation can only be found in the form of an Ark. Your bodies have come together, mind and soul, to create the vessel that will sail the flood and deliver unto Earth a new beginning. Only, your vessel is not sturdy.”

“The wood has been cut too thin and placed together with great gaps in between. It is rotten from the inside out, flaking away before the water has even touched its surface. The vessel has already began to crumble and with it, your hopes of true salvation. Your materials are faulty and your plan is flawed.”

The mother of all evil, a rotten being, decaying from within. Her soul is black, and her heart no longer beats within her brittle chest. She is hollow and vacant, awaiting only the end of days. Because, little birdies, if she cannot have her children, no-one can. She wishes to see the world descend into chaos, flooded and destroyed. For the sins of her father took away what she loved and gave her nothing but hatred and pain. With that hatred and pain, she built monsters like me, as if out of clay, and set forth our savagery upon this earth.”

The warrior of light, holier than thou, is made of weak constitution. He is blinded by the light, and has convinced himself that whilst he basks within such heavenly glow, he can see. But his soul does not belong to him. He does not provide strength to stern nor bow, and will collapse under the weight of the horrendous things he has done in the name of his Lord and savior.”

The virus – an infection hell bent on destruction. He seeps into the wood, corrupting what little material there is. What was already in rot and decay, is only exacerbated and accelerated by his presence. Every moment he exists, the ark deteriorates. Plank by plank, bolt by bolt, the ark is coming undone from within.”

“As your ark sails the violent seas, you will slowly rip apart, until you become but driftwood, drowning like the rest of them. This Monday night at State Of Emergency, you will prove that as one vessel, you cannot sail together. You will prove that the materials provided to Noah are but decaying objects of false hope and deceit. You will prove that if Noah ends the world, his Ark will be swept away into oblivion with it.”

And with it, each and every single one of you.

“When that happens, little birdies, when you’re drowning in the ocean you thrust upon the world – you will know that in the shadows, in the darkness, beneath your kicking feet and drowning lungs…”

Where your eyes don’t go, you will still fear The Scarecrow.

Because water can’t kill what can’t die.