Edward Newton

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

“The ocean is a vast and complex place. The waves that keep you moving can just as easily sink you where you sail. A ship withstands the battering nature of the ocean, because at its helm, a Captain maintains course. It’s by his decree and unwavering will that the ocean will be traversed and that the waves will not slow his progress. His vision sets forth a path across those violent waves, whilst those who toil under his command are left to suffers the true rigours of the sea.”

Riddle me this; I am a ship that can be made to ride the greatest waves. I’m not built by a tool, but by hearts and minds. What am I, Mr. Crowley?”

“You’ve been traversing the grand seas of the world in search of a place where you belong, haven’t you? For the longest duration of time, you’ve been unable to find a port you can call home. Blackwater, The Family, you’ve been searching for so long. You build your ships and you set sail, your course set for a destination you’ll never reach, upon the broken backs of men you’ll never care for. Your ships, however frequently built, are always designed with a flaw at the helm; you.”

So, I am a ship that can be made to ride the greatest waves. I’m not built by a tool, but by hearts and minds. What am I?

I’m friendship, Mr. Crowley.”

“Since the inception of your insanity, you’ve always relied on other people to sail the seas of this great adventure we call life. You’ve been unable to survive without their guidance, their support, their unending and undying love. This cycle of destructive behavior has seen you plummet your fair multitude of ships to the sandy ocean floor. You construct these great vessels over time, like a pirate of the seas, if only to benefit your own selfish agenda. These ships are made from the finest materials; reliance, fear and desire. Because Mr. Crowley, you fear being alone; you rely on others to support your captaincy of this life and you desire to be so much greater than you are.”

“However, when that ship has sailed and you’ve garnered what you require, you leave it sunk into the despairing depths of the ocean, but not before you’ve violently keelhauled your once friends beneath the bow to be dragged through the barnacles and debris – breaking their hearts, minds, spirits and bodies. Damien, Tobias, Doubt and now The Family; they’ve all sailed the seas with you, Mr. Crowley, and whilst those keelhauled and shipwrecked have never been the same again, you ride the waves once more. The Family will come to realize that the only way to survive you and fullfil their agenda, is to set sail alone.”

“You’re not Noah’s ark, no, you’re the one that sinks it.

“And this time, finally, the Captain will go down with his ship.