Brent Kersh

[We open on “The Enforcer”. A close up. His head lowered slightly. Is nose inches from the white pedals of an orange blossomed flower. And with this, we begin…]


A flower named from the annals of Greek Mythology.

For there was the son of a god who even in his youth possessed magnificent handsomeness. Left in his wake was a line of distressed and broken hearts both from female and male admirers. None of them and seemingly nobody could win the affection of Narcissus.

Yet one day Narcissus would find his true love. While walking along a shoreline, he stopped to retrieve a drink but in the reflection of the water’s surface he saw it.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder!

[Kersh looks to us; his eyes squinted in intensity. His tone calm with quietness. And as he continues we slowly begin to pan away.]

You’ve seen it haven’t you Mike Lane? That beauty. That self-indulgence. That fondness for who you see staring back at you in your own reflection!

You’ve walked along the shores of Old School Wrestling for years now; fending off suitors to your fame. For that Shadow that you are; that which makes you invulnerable to their prowess… that which allows you to endure.

It’s the same darkness that distorts your vision. That makes you unable to differentiate between what really is and what is not.

And as you stare you see a greatness that you’ll never… have the opportunity to love!

[Brent finishes, leaving us with a view of him standing on the bank of a body of water. A small lake or pond even. And in the calm surface of the water we see a reflection, but it is not his own. The reflection we see is that of Mike Lane.]

What do you see Hysteria? As your eyes peak through that fiberglass mask that conceals the man within.

Is it happiness? Emotion of joy eternally etched in the hardened composition of your facial feature. Pride perhaps? As you think back to the bodies that writhe in pain, that scream in anguish knowing full well that it was your hands that brought them to that state.

That brought them to death!

But that man within, Hysteria, his delight is not so visual. Ya see as he glances upon that static grin, he knows the death he seeks is one that he cannot obtain.

The death of Hysteria!

[Kersh completes his sentence looking back to the water where Mike Lane’s image has been replaced by that of Hysteria. And almost with a sly grin, Brent continues on.]

And you Smiley. With that fraudulent expression painted upon your face. That dry-crusted substance being enough to distort your perception, but its thickness failing to ward off the vision of that which you truly see!!

Your appetite of torment, turmoil, and torture is merely wetted by the wounds you inflict on others.

For behind that goo dripped grin is an expression rooted in sorrow. Knowing full well that no amount of pain you dispense can equal that which lives within your soul.

It is in that reflection Smiley that you realize your hunger will never be satisfied.

[The reflection transforms before our eyes. This time, to that of Smiley. And with it, “The Enforcer” removes the flower from his face and releasing it from his hand completely, allowing it to fall gently to the soil below.]

When Narcissus saw his reflection he fell in love. So much so that he could not remove himself from it.

So he stayed. Braving thirst and starvation.

You see he could not cope with the thought of enduring what so many had already failed. And ultimately, he died because of it. His rotting corpse giving life to a plant that would become known… as the Narcissus.

All three of you share the characteristic with Narcissus that it is in your greatest strength, you find your extraordinary weakness.

Next Monday Night… as you stare into the reflection of that weakness, the only thing you will see is “The Enforcer”.

Of course, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already.

[Looking to us once more, Kersh finishes with an ICE COLD stare; pausing just momentarily before glancing back to the water one last time. And when he does, we see what is to be expected. The reflection of “The Enforcer”. Before we fade to black.]