Rat Trap

Brent Kersh

A rat scurrying carelessly through the darkness; not concerned with the doubt that surrounds it for its eyes have long adjusted to the shadows. The sharpness of his claws rapping against the solid ground surface; repetitively dispersing the silence as would that a handful of dropped sewing needles.

The rodent follows a path upon which it has journeyed many times before. Fast. Confident. In search of something. The forage impelled by a natural hunger buried deep in its being.

And then it smells it. In his state, much less like food and more simply a provision. A need. A desire.

The pace quickens. The sensation growing. Now a nervous hasten. He knows it’s near and nothing can or will stop him from obtaining it.

Except this

His movement powered to a sudden halt by the sludgy discern that adheres to his foot. Lifting it innately, but to no avail. Stuck. And for a moment, a pause of positivity comes over the mammal as he’s thankful and assured of his life, but that bliss is soon consumed by a horror even greater than imagined. For at best his life will be spared, yet the cost of which will be substantial indeed!

It’s who you are, isn’t it Tommy Wright? The virus that infects the essence of Old School Wrestling; the evil that permeates the halls of The Tap Room… the darkness, it does not concern you because this path you’re walking you’ve been walking for a very long time.

From your childhood through adolescence and into adulthood you have known violence and corruption. You have known it and you have embraced it. You’ve dined within the very fabric of the iniquity that we all currently find ourselves besieged by and through it all you were guided by an innate impulse that you’ve never quite been able to satisfy.

But now, you can smell it

Something from the midst of the darkness that intrigues you. That controls you. Your restraint waning. No thought to your person. All you know; all you feel is that you simply must move forward. You must continue the search.

You just don’t realize it yet that your hunt, is over!

You’ve followed your instinct and it’s brought you to your destination, but I can tell you without question that this is not the place that you want to be! For the darkness here is far less forgiving than that which you’ve come to know!

You’re a rat, Tommy. A rat that’s found himself stuck in a glue trap. Alive and well, but with some decisions to come.

The black bile. The spreading infection. The evil. Once it touches you, it’s not going to let you go. You’re either going to die trying to get away or you’re going to gnaw yourself free!

You may make it out of Old School Wrestling with your life, but it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. And at VHS One Thirty Four, it starts with me taking a little piece for myself!

Of course, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know!