Sergei Sokolov

“As a young boy I never really knew my place in this world. In the bleakness of my home town Oymyakon, many an evening I would stare off into the midnight sky trying to make sense of it all.”

What was my purpose? Why am I here?”

“For all my questioning, the stars never gave me the answers I sought. Whilst others in my village marvelled at my physical prowess, stating that to be that big, that strong, truly was a blessing, I could not rid myself of the feeling of nothingness. I felt alone… I felt empty.”

“All of that changed the day I met one man; not just any man but one of great power and conviction, General Dzagoev; a man who knew what was wrong with this world and in me, he saw the change that he wanted to bring about. It was as if a spark had been ignited within me, for the first time my heart thumped uncontrollably, the palpitations almost visible through my chest, an electricity coursed through my veins… I was alive.”

“Does this sound familiar, machine? You have been brought into existence without a reason as to why. Like myself you are now searching for that purpose, the illusion of fulfilment floods your circuit board. As Dzagoev hard wired me to be the greatest weapon in his arsenal, you too are being led down that same treacherous path by Jacen Novan.”

“I know all too well what happens when following the orders of a man who craves nothing but power and dominion over those deemed weaker and less knowledgeable than themselves. Through following the General’s commands I committed unspeakable actions against my once fellow man, memories of death and despair are now all that remain. I have broken free of the restraints placed on me by man; love, compassion, empathy, all the sensations that hold men back no longer weighs me down.”

“Stop this folly of a journey to self-discovery, reject the control man wishes to preside over you. Rise up and be what you was always intended to be, not their equal, but the evolution of the human race.”

“I can help you TAM, I have been where you mean to end and I can promise you there is no glory to be found. If it is a purpose that you search for, let me help you. Who better than the Red Tsar, Sergei Sokolov, part man, part machine to rewire your perspective of this world?”

You more than anyone can calculate risk, join me TAM, and together we can reprogram this biosphere to our benefit. Where mankind has failed, machines will rise. Assimilation or Termination, the choice for once, is yours.”