Puppet Master

Brent Kersh

The sleekness of hand-crafted wood. The stiffness of the scaled to fabric. Teased yarn for hair. Dried paint; carefully applied to imitate the existence of awareness and persona.

But there is no persona. There is no control. No will. Just the pull and release of strings. Attached to the members protruding from the main body. Mastered by the fingers dangling from above.


The earliest recorded origins date to the fifth century BC in the writings of Herodotus and Xenophon, but puppetry is thought to have existed long before that; used to animate and communicate the ideas and needs of human societies.

And all puppets… have their masters, don’t they Scarecrow?

For it seems that the oldest of these entities was created long ago in the cornfields of Willoughby. Wrought from the rage and violence of evil. Sent into the world to do her bidding.

You were indeed sent, Hayman; and you have unquestionably succeeded. Bringing horror and destruction to all of those whom hath crossed your path.

Over the years you have proven yourself to be the quintessential monster in both Old School Wrestling and throughout this realm we call reality.

But how effective will you be, Scarecrow, now that your strings have been snipped?

You, Mike Lane, are much in the same accord as our friend from Willoughby for you too have felt the power of darkness course through your veins. You too have been driven by the existence of evil.

Though your evil, your master, did not create you. Not in the least. No, you found your master and unbeknownst to you at the time that discovery slowly and steadily began to tug at your strings.

Can you return Mike? Can you be the hero that you once were after succumbing to the control of something far more powerful… and far more villainous?

Have those strings truly been severed?

And some puppets have yet to dissever their string, isn’t that right Lux Bellator?

I know we go into this contest defending the same physical assets, but the virtues of those defenses are completely different. Allow us to pull no punches as I’ve already proven willing myself.

You’ve been an absolute terror over the last several months. Climbing over one challenger after another all in the name of conquest.

And what happened when you succeeded Light Warrior? You found out that your master had slightly different plans, didn’t you?

No. See what you’re missing Bellator is that you weren’t created by your master and you didn’t find it either. You created your master. With your own ego, by your own ambition and everyone knows that self-made Gods, sooner or later… fall!

In the case of the Scarecrow and Mike Lane, the absence of the strings to their masters may make them weaker, but then again self-preservation is a deadly force.

Lux Bellator; on the other hand, just better make sure that his masters’ string… don’t get in my way, because when that bell sounds Monday night and we found ourselves looking into each other’s eyes, there will be only one master.

Of course, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know!