Isaac Danvers

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that FAITH does not prove ANYTHING.”

“A man who can move mountains with his mind is a man whose mind is surely sick. His belief in his ability to, without a muscle being twitched, MOVE the inanimate is a clear indication of a madness that must be cured with a FIERCE and RAPID treatment of the cerebrum. FIERCE, lest it not be banished with entirety on the first try. RAPID for the sickness may well escalate too far, too quickly, and leave the patient BEYOND treatment. Surely then, the man would find himself confined to the asylum for his remaining years.”

“The man who convinces himself that he has powers of Psychokinesis is a man ravaged by insanity. It may well be to the very CORE of his mind and already be beyond my treatment. But with luck, I may have been presented the patient in enough time that I may work with him. That I may offer him treatments that are less intrusive than they might be had the madness enveloped his central cortex. Perhaps a simple course of SHOCK therapy might bring his mind back to the present. His sick mind may well yet receive its SALVATION.”

“As a conscientious practitioner of medicine both for the body and the mind, I myself work to keep my mind sharp. I ESCHEW the consumption of alcohol and SHUN the opiates. I myself have seen the DARKEST RECESSES of the human mind first hand, the PAIN, the SUFFERING, the utter TORMENT! A man with madness in his mind is NO MAN, with no mind at all.  His sickness consumes him, and I for one shall be certain NEVER to allow the darkness of insanity into MY MIND!

“It is the man who is unwilling to admit his madness, Jacen, that is truly beyond rescue. For as is my sacred oath, I cannot treat a man who wishes not himself to BE treated. A man so beyond the scope of my help is surely too far gone for the traditional treatments of his psychosis, and only one resolution offers itself from that moment forwards. This man must be institutionalised, whether by force or by the madman’s own free will and, inevitably, he will undergo a LOBOTOMY.

“It comes to this; a man who knows his own mind can see when madness is encroaching, and with his own tools of intellect can halt its progress. But a weaker, less able man will fall short, and his mind will be consumed by the dark madness.  It is this weak minded FOOL who will trust the good doctor to treat him with a gentle bedside manner. To speak SOFTLY. To treat him KINDLY. But this is not the way to resolve the madness of a man, certainly not one as far removed from reality as JACEN NOVAN.

“For he is MAD that trusts in the TAMENESS of a WOLF!

“Jacen Novan. The  doctor will see you now…”