The Sharkman

“What separates man from machine? What distinction can be made between real and artificial intelligence? These are the kinds of questions science, religion, and even technology have tried to answer over the course of history…and despite major progress, no one has quite figured it out. Scientists are baffled by the idea of a machine having some semblance of feelings, and religious leaders condemn those responsible for its creation. Such technology can be beneficial to mankind…but can also be deadly, in the wrong hands.”

“Nuclear energy has been the subject of much debate since its discovery. Over the years, it has been harnessed into clean, efficient energy that can provide power to submarines, carrier ships, and even cities. And yet, all it takes is one simple error…whether by man or machine…and the power supply can have a meltdown, destroying everything in its wake. Imagine working for hours deep in the heart of a nuclear reactor, and something goes horribly wrong…something that was out of your control.

“And that’s just what happens as a result of an accident…imagine what you could do if you intended to use this power for evil? The atomic bomb was introduced to the world as the result of one of the hardest decisions ever made in human history: how do you put a swift end to a war already laden with death? Scientists put this weapon together with the intention of preventing a longer, more drawn-out conclusion to the war in the Pacific…and began the age of fear we live in today, in which a nuclear holocaust takes just the push of a button. Imagine living in terror because the leaders of the world could bring civilization to its knees to serve their own desires.”

“I will not pretend to understand the teachings that Jacen Novan has been programming into The Automaton, but I will not stand for what he is trying to unleash on this world. The machine you have been tinkering with is one that is such indescribable power that it only takes one small error in judgement to cause a wave of destruction that you cannot escape. If you continue on this path you’re walking, you will step over the edge, straight into the abyssand take the rest of humanity with you in the process.

“And what of The Automaton, the machine unaware of the havoc he can create? Could the events unfolding now lead into something more terrifying? Whatever Novan is planning must be stopped, for the power The Automaton holds can be of great benefit to the world or for destruction…like a bomb just waiting to be detonated, and Jacen Novan has the button in his very hand. It’s a very powerful, very dangerous combination…one that must be stopped at any cost.

“Humanity has failed time and time again to keep technology away from those looking to exploit it…but Marvolo and I have the chance to put a stop to this. We can work together to save the world from the power Novan can unlock within The Automaton. Everyone faces their day of reckoning, and it’s just a matter of time before the man behind the machine faces the repercussions of unlocking too much power…so sayeth The Sharkman.