No Church in the Wild

King Royal

“Human beings in a mob.”

“Faces within the clouds, offset by utter gloom within colour of the sky. Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning? Shepherd’s warning. Red represents rage, anger and impending doom.”

“What’s a mob to a king?”

“Mob mentality equates weakness. Surprisingly flowing from both parties equally. It gains traction from the mob in the form of lack of intelligence. Failure to flow with the visionary tract of those who wish to deliver.”

“Their leader’s weakness coming via the lack of understanding. Unaware that a monsoon of mutiny peaks over the horizon. Intentions deadlier than that of the nature’s mother. A mob to a king tends to be deadly silent, more so…. final.”

“What’s a king to a god.”


“One poses the question, find him a king who believes in one of the seven deities of the land, with followers believing elsewhere? As impossible as unbelievable. Rulership before that of the one true “ROYAL” lineage would see those with differing views hang.”

“Not I.”

“You’ve approached me… repeatedly. You’ve seeked having all that one owns, fighting, not only side by side, but… the war. Finding yourself in the midst of a war being fought that supersedes any religion, finds no faith being called out by its label, its name… however still working in the name of GOD

You call upon a KING

To provide you with a MOB.”

“To the normal man the word Hades would see them kneeling at an altar asking for protection. From someone they’ve spoke to as much as the man who cuts their bread or the women who silently keeps their mug topped up.”

“Yet you stood toe-to-toe… You defeated it.”

“It’s not you who now resides in command of the underworld, that may well not have been your goal either. Having achieved what you set out to do, defeat Hades. Why does Janus throw more obstacles within your path? Residing over beginnings, transitions, passageways and endings, it begs one to wonder….”

“… But intrigues at the same time.”

“It begun you on this path, a walk you succeeded on. Now within the transitional phase you see a passageway leading toward the light, toward the end. Unable to complete it alone, help is needed, help is seeked. A god may see a king as his messenger, as key to providing an army, a mob if you will, pivotal to the plans success.”

“But why should one cooperate?”

“What if the king does not believe? What stops the king from beheading the supposed messenger where he stands, and on his “head” be it? One has backed many runners during numerous different races, what separates you from the losers? One has no issues with you dining within the winners, with those who have earned. Fair chance to all, you’ve been granted an audience with his majesty, with oneself.. The ball is within your court.”

“What’s a god to a non-believer?

Make me believe… Impress your highness.”