El Nino


“Long, long ago in the cold vastness of the universe all of the stars and planets shared a single spot in the obsidian colored night sky. They were all together, happy and contented, connected as one family. But as time passed and the universe expanded the stars slowly began to drift apart and the earth fell away from its brothers and sisters.

Out there in the cold void of space, the earth felt alone, and soon an overwhelming melancholy washed over her. For millions of years, she traveled alone devoid of companionship. She had no one to talk to, no one to laugh with and no one to chase across the night sky.

The earth turned in circles and searched the vast darkness, but no matter what she did nothing could fill the emptiness within. But one day when she was on the brink of giving up, she finally understood what she had to do to fill the void inside, she would have to create her own family.

So she closed her eyes and rested, setting her heart and intentions to the task of creation. Many years passed, then finally her eyes fluttered open and she was greeted with the sight of a newborn son. She was overjoyed to become a mother and yelled out with gratitude and pleasure “I am mother earth”

Now, mother earth was no longer alone, she whirled happily through space enjoying the companionship of her new child. She wove a cradle from grass and flowers and carried her son as she spun through space. Each night before he slept she would sing him a lullaby.

“Sleep, el nino, little boy of mine

Sleep while your aunts and uncles watch over you

Enjoy our whirl through space and time

To you I shall always be true.”

As with all children, the child began to grow up and as it grew it became more mischievous, It caused all manner of trouble and it made her angry, eventually, her nighttime song changed to try and teach the child.

“Sleep, sleep, maker of mischief, my son

Your aunts and uncles are watching your ways

The world wishes you a life of joy and fun

But all this trouble sets my heart ablaze.”

Eventually, though she understood that the mischief inside him was a part of his being and from then on she could do nothing but love and cherish her child even when he wreaked mischief on all her other children. “

Like the earth I have existed since time immemorial, I’ve traversed the dark expanses of the universe lost and alone searching for the family I pined for. Once upon a time, I thought that was you Scarecrow, but now I realize I was mistaken.

Now, I have the perfect son within my cold fingered grasp, his name is Noah and he is my El Nino. At state of emergency I will weave a cradle from grass,flowers and your fallen bodies, and I’ll carry him to the promised land,  once there he will wreak mischief and destruction upon this world and no-one will be able to stop him. Not you Mike Lane, not you  Brent Kersh and certainly not you Scarecrow, and afterwards you will all live…