Light in the Darkness


Long ago I watched the human race closely as they intrigued me by their actions. I saw humans in poverty laugh in joy while wealthy humans cry alone in their mansions. There was an instance when I saw a man struggling to get a job and had to walk through life running from one home to another to keep his little boy under a roof. No matter how hard it was, no matter how much he had to struggle he made sure his child had a place to sleep, was well-fed and educated. Even if that meant if he had to sleep in the streets, even if it meant that he had to go hungry, he struggled to the point anyone else would give up. One day he managed to land a job and soon he was able to provide everything to his child that a father should and would have. The smile on their faces as they overcame the darkness in their lives brought warmth around them. It was infectious.

You see at every corner there is darkness waiting patiently to hunt us down and we can either fight it or embrace it. Some struggle to the point that they lose hope and so the light in them vanish as they lay defeated. This is the path they choose to walk. Bruce this the path you chose to walk. You were engulfed by the very darkness that I speak of and yet you say you can’t fight it no more. You are the type of human being I hate the most. You see you are the type that complains that you have no freedom, that you did not have any choice in the matter that you have become this way. That you have been cursed. Excuses. That is what you have become. A man who makes excuses.

Some would say I am no one to lecture you in conquering one’s darkness. After all I was banished from heaven. But I haven’t given up. Look at me now, I have taken this banishment as an opportunity for enlightenment. I have seen the light in my darkness and I haven’t given up hope. It is this hope that drives me to great lengths. It is this light that motivates me to fight and conquer this realm. And it is this light that will help me defeat your darkness.

It is time for you to wake up Bruce cause the time to sleep is over.