Karmic Fate

Jensen Cussen

“A bus filled with preschoolers careens off a cliff incinerating them all instantly while a genocidal madman dies peacefully in his bed on his eightieth birthday. Peace crumples and dies, the innocent suffer and writhe under the heels of those consumed by avarice and pride and not a moment passes that someone doesn’t look up into the heavens and ask ‘why?'”

“Perhaps years of watching us deliver one another into damnation time and time again has eroded once pure optimism and hope into dull apathy, as he waits for the human race’s self implosion so he may begin again. Perhaps Lucifer has finally won his long fought war and inflicts vengeance upon those he believes never deserved the heart of the radiant being he loved. But then, evil fails from time to time, happy endings do still exist so maybe, just maybe it’s all a crapshoot.”

“Seven billion souls, all dangling by a thread that’s cut like a dart thrown by someone seven sheets to the wind. At the best of times, it feels our lives are governed by chaos itself but in a maelstrom of disarray there is a modicum of order. A balance must be maintained, and for those who break it, fate’s focus is terrifyingly absolute. An example is made of these fools who dare believe they walk amongst the grey, like a certain white faced sociopath who believed he could be saved with the love of an innocent woman”

“Self preservation doesn’t make you a hero Jake, just as your hunger for vengeance doesn’t make you a demon. But this whole grey bullshit Jake, it’s a lie, a fabrication you cling to in order to hide from the truth. The war was an excuse, a way to redeem yourself and for one brief moment, free your broken soul. But a clown can’t wash away the makeup and vanquish the laughter ringing in his ears no more then a demon can grow a halo and rise to the kingdom of heaven. And walking the grey doesn’t wash away your sins , it just brings them into the light”

“Darkness clings to you like a t-shirt in the heart of summer, those innocents who suffered at your hand growing into sinful ghosts that leave a permanent stain upon your soul. Lives crumpled like dust at your feet as heroes bled like stuck pigs, downed by the merciless clown and you believed you deserved a happy ending? Calypso was karma Jake, the purest form that years from now will slap you awake in the dead of night, a constant reminder that the true monster of this tale is staring back at you in the mirror”

“Tonight, a roided up junkie who can barely keep his emotions intact and a Boogieman who can barely trust his own flesh and blood find, through their hubris and half assed revenge that fate is against them once more. The only State of Emergence for the Jeckel Brothers is when they find themselves downed by the Family once more”