Just A Game

Jensen Cussen

“In this world of turmoil, destruction and deceit, we need to distill the carnage down into it’s purest form. After all, what is OSW if not the most deadly and dangerous game of all?”

The camera slowly fades in with those words as we fade in on a park somewhere in Jacksonville.

In front of us lies a row of chess tables, set up to entertain the masses day to day, usually the older gentlemen who spend hours at a time playing off one another but occasionally, the younger generation join in, honing their mental and psychological skills.

Indeed, we see two individuals seated at seperate tables, a brash looking african american male and a large muscular stoic looking male.

A familiar figure walks into shot as he sits down at the first table, a cocky smile coming over his advesary as Jensen stares him down, eyeing him up for a moment before he reaches down to his first piece

“Some consider the game of chess to be just an intellectual waste, a game where old men play to remind themselves of their past glories, a so called sport that only those with less then adequate physical attributes pretend to be gods among men but chess is the perfect combination of intelligence and physical fortitude with a pinch of psychological prowess. It is a mindfield of the subconcious, taking blow for blow against a worthy opponent in a war that requires sacrifice, deception and domination all at the same time. It is an easy game to pick up but near impossible to master, for your very personality can disqualify you from the moment you sit down to play.”

Jensen takes a heavy loss for a moment as his queen is taken, a cocky smile growing on his opponents face before Jensen shakes his head, smiling softly as he moves his bishop forward…into check mate.


I don’t doubt your physical prowess Clyde, as any man foolish enough to proclaim perfection has to in some aspect back up those words and if what you showed inside that ring last week, your potential is immeasurable. but if I had a nickle for every flash in the pan who believed himself to be god’s greatest wrestler, I’d be a billionaire. In a world of monsters, evil incarnate and sociopaths that make Charles Manson look like the Dali Lama, subterfuge is key. the shadows are your friend and quietly manipulating everything behind the scenes is how the true monsters gain control. Arrogance may seem a virtue, but it makes you a target and targets never last in this world of ours.”

Jensen stands up, reveling in his victory for a moment as his opponent stands up too, tossing the chess board to the floor before stomping off angrily.

Jensen shakes his head once more before turning to his other opponent, who has been patiently waiting for him as he sits down and begins to play the second game.

Now Ordell, you are a different story. a hero in any other age, here not for personal gain but for a righteous cause. Good hearted, humble, your virtue shines bright and when faced with a superior advesary, you show courage and fortitude beyond your abilities. You could be amazing Terminius, it is a shame you are so naive”

The game begins straight away, both competitors seemingly even matched as pieces on both sides begin to be taken, sacrifices and mistakes made on both sides before both are left with only two pieces left, the young man seemingly on the verge of victory against Jensen as he moves his queen into Check

“You believed stopping Hades was a righteous cause but your actions sealed off the underworld, not only from it’s creator and ruler but the thousands, nay millions of souls trying desperately to find their rightful resting place. You have disrupted the natural order of things, and all on the word of a two faced God who’s very nature is duplicitous. Janus has played you like a fiddle, a tool in a lesser god’s power play to usurp his elder. And you went through it without hesitation. Even if you do survive Hades and somehow set this right, you have proven yourself a lamb in a den of jackals,  and soon they will be climbing over themselves to string up the puppet of greatness”

Jensen seems worried, moving his King back and forth, trying to avoid check-mate as his opponent stops him from all angles. Almost frantically, Jensen moves his King back a square as his opponent moves his Queen right into position of Jensen’s, who quickly takes it, leaving his opponent open for yet another Check-Mate.

Jensen stands, the young man shaking his head before shaking Jensen’s hand and walking off as Jensen turns his attention to another, larger chess board right in front of the camera.

“OSW has always been one great chess game after another and the greatest of all starts at Red Snow. We have sacrificed our pawns, manouvered our way into every facet of this company and when our Queen gives birth, the King that emerges shall be greater then anyone can imagine. The Knight takes two pawns at VHS, and in one week’s time, the Family shall finally put OSW into Check-Mate”

Jensen sits down, smiling sadistically at his opponent before making his first move as the screen fades to black