Jacen Novan

“So many are eager in this day and time to be heroes. However, most do not understand what it takes to be one in these troubling times. Over the years heroes have come in many shapes and forms. We’re bombarded with stories of their amazing feats. We’re inundated with countless accounts of their selfless actions. As a learner, our masters would continuously fill our young heads with stories of great men, sacrificing their very well-being for the chance to become legendary. I can remember one pair in particular, ones my master hoped would teach me a valuable lesson.”

“We knew this duo simply as the Outsiders. Their background remained a mystery, clouded in the shadows. Their very appearance an enigma to the world, hidden beneath a cloaked exterior. Just like our present situation, a great evil had infiltrated every fiber of our world. Darkness had spread to every corner of the planet, causing its existence to remain in doubt.”

“The invaders from another world attacked with a ruthlessness unseen before, spreading carnage like a runaway disease. Inhabitants were killed by the millions with no mercy given. The Order sprung to action quickly, defending those unable to defend themselves. From a young age, we were taught to selflessly place ourselves in front of the innocent, giving our lives if we must. We knew that the Ashla would reward our sacrifice.”

“The battles were treacherous, costing the Order many of its masters. When the hope of light was fading, the Outsiders appeared. They fought with a tenacity unseen, performing stunts that most could not achieve. As their battles continued, their legend grew. Their efforts began to turn the tide of the ‘war.’ However, their true nature came to light during one battle.”

“During the closing moments of a battle, the Outsiders had the opportunity to deal a deadly blow to the invaders. All that was required was to give their lives to the cause of peace, to become heroes. When faced with this, they ran, leaving the battle. When asked for explanation, they simply replied that the battle no longer served their purpose. Due to their defection, the darkness snuffed out the light.”

“Marvolo, Sharkman, you speak of heroes and the light, yet you lack the true meaning of both. I sense the aura of the fabled Outsiders in you. You both seek to become the heroes OSW needs atthis time, but you lack the character and motives needed to succeed. Chasing battles to erase your troubled pasts will not set you on the path towards the light. Seeking adulation will not destroy the evil that is growing by the day in OSW. The Outsiders sought these things as well, but when the time came to truly become legendary, to become heroes, they fled. When the moment arises, you too, will flee, unable to make the sacrifice needed. You are no heroes! You question my motives and tactics, but I know what is necessary to overcome the darkness. Unlike you, I know the meaning of selflessness and am willing to sacrifice all. Heroes will rise, but that is not your destiny.”