The Sharkman

The darkness of night greets us, high above the cityscape of Miami as we find a shadowy figure standing from atop a skyscraper looking down at the city below. We soon recognize the figure as The Sharkman, surveying the scene as he begins to speak.

“Every hero goes on a journey, one that changes everything about them. This journey is the topic of many academic discussions, and the basis for nearly every story told in modern times. It is what separates the heroes from the masses, and it is how we recognize those with the courage and honor to make the ultimate sacrifice. We are all called to something higher than ourselves, but it is the heroes that are ready to answer that call.”

Noises from the city rise up, but The Sharkman is focused on a single police radio announcing a robbery. He begins his descent, eventually landing on a nearby roof before he continues.

“The hero is called to adventure, to pull away from the ordinary world and find their true purpose. In answering the call, they begin the initiation. On the road of trials, the hero builds courage to face whatever stands in their way. The vision quest gives the hero clarity, and it is this clarity that acts as the boon, giving the hero a sense of direction and purpose.”

“The hero earns honor in every action, in every decision made…even the ones that come at a great cost. The hero must make the hardest decision imaginable in order to move forward, and it is then they face the sacrifice they make to be truly selfless. Through this sacrifice, the hero becomes something greater, something that people look back on with a sense of admiration.

He continues his own journey, moving swiftly through the city as he continues.

“Every hero goes through this journey, but not every hero makes it. There have been many that claimed to be heroes within my ocean, but they stumbled and fell…but The Sharkman endures. They claimed they were made of courage, but cowered when the going got tough. They claimed to have honor, but they turned their backs on the people when it was convenient. They promised to make a sacrifice, but never pulled through when the time was right. The Sharkman stands alone.

“I have proven my heroics in time. I have walked the road of trials, atoning for my sins by bringing the unrepentant to justice. As someone who has seen the other side, I have the right to demand more of those who wish to go on this journey…like Cael Gable, a man I believe is not ready to walk this road. What are you made of, Gable? Are you made purely of the gold you wear around your neck, or are you made of something more?

The Sharkman arrives at the scene, halting the progress of two armed robbers at a local bank. Their guns and bullets prove to be useless against the cunning and agility of The Sharkman, whose voice continues as he takes both men down.

“When push comes to shove, do you have the courage to stand up against injustice? Are you a man of honor, refusing to take shortcuts? Are you willing to make the sacrifice necessary to be something bigger than yourself? Or will you buckle under the pressure, and be swept away by the tide? If you can’t carry this torch, it will be extinguished and the darkness will invade. You’ll have to really prove your worth in this battle, Cael Gable. You’ll have to show me what you’re made of. Everyone faces their day of reckoning, and yours may very bring about the sacrifice that ushers in your doom…so sayeth The Sharkman.

With that, he ties the robbers up to a nearby light pole. The police arrive just as The Sharkman escapes their sight, leaving them with the apprehended criminals as we fade to black.