For the Family

Jensen Cussen

The camera slowly fades in as we find ourselves in a completely darkened room, aside from the light illumination from an old television set in the middle of the room. Currently static fills the screen before a thin hand reaches out,pressing play as we see the end of a match five years ago, as Jensen Cussen has DTR up on his shoulders, mere inches away from the stage.

“A long time ago in a country besot by endless war,  there were two brothers. Feared throughout the land for their ferocity, malice and pure malevolence that flowed through their veins, they became the boogeyman at the heart of a never ending conflict..yet their greatest enemy was themselves”

Jensen rushes forward, driving both he and DTR through the tables below with a modified Burning Hammer. A huge roar fills the room as the crowd around go ballistic, as the screen fades in again as we see DTR and Jake Jeckel inside the same ring. Jake is down as DTR looks about to cover him

“The oldest was believed to be the strongest in the land, sadistic, almost animalistic yet the true leader among them was the younger of the brothers. A sociopathic genius intellect, every victory the brothers had was because of him…but soon the losses grew deep. Once unstoppable, indestructible, their Family grew weak and wanting and with every loss, every soul crushing defeat, the older brother paid the price for it”

DTR suddenly gets spun around before nearly getting his head taken off with a massive chair shot from Jensen who tosses Jake over him. The screen fades out once more as we see DTR once more in the ring, broken and battered as three figures stand over him

“A town of theirs burned, so did the brother. An envoy of theirs came back beaten black and blue, the brother couldn’t stand for a week. The biggest region under their control lost under overwhelming odds alongside half their army….the brother was lucky to still be alive. But no matter how much he suffered, the brother”s trust, respect, love never wavered…even in the face of death itself”

The Virus gets knocked out cold by a massive superkick before a table gets rolled inside the ring, the lone female setting it on fire as the monsterous figure lifts the limp DTR up, tossing him down face first onto the flames! DTR wakes up suddenly, screaming in pain as he tries to roll the flames out as the screen fades to static once more

“One day, while his older brother was still recovering, still barely able to talk, the young man asked him why. Why would he allow himself to suffer relentlessly and not only never fight back, but take it with a smile on his face? The older brother smiled softly before speaking barely more then a whisper”

Because I can take it. Because it’s the right thing to do. Because you need me to. Because I’m your brother”

“This Family is dying. broken apart by petty squabbles and age old insecurities. The respect is gone, the trust is almost non-existent and everyone assumes this one match will be our death knell. So why is every single voice in my head screaming at me to save this…no matter what it costs?”

The screen fades in again on the OSW ring as we see the squabbles of the Family, Jensen and DTR fighting amongst one another. DTR berating and breaking Jensen, the slow dissolution of the Family shown frame by frame before it pauses on a distraught Jensen appealing to the Phoenix on that fateful night.

“David, some part of you still believes I’m the same man I was years ago. The same evil son of a bitch that messed with you every chance I got, took everything away from you and left you a broken shell of a man. But that man’s dead, and I have tried everything I can think of to prove this fact to you. I gave you my daughter, stood back while you turned her into something of my worst nightmares. Broke every single promise I ever made….I killed a man for you David.”

The video plays once more on the haunting scene of a dead Jacob Phoenix, his throat slit ear from ear as the blood pours into a vessal for Stephanie, Jensen visibly trembling as he holds the bloody knife in his hand, as the Virus watches over, a sickening smile on his face.

“His face will haunt me for as long as I live but I did without hesitation, for you and for the Family. Yet you still act like I’m going to slide the blade in the moment you turn around. They are our enemy, all of them out there, not me. So at Enter the Badlands, unleash all your anger, your rage upon me and I won’t fight back but let that be it. Because David, what is the use of bringing out the End of Days if the horsemen can’t even ride together?”

The scene fades to static one last time as it comes back on to how we saw Jensen last time, strapped to the chair, his blood purifying in that of the Phoenix’s, surviving on pure will alone.  The image pauses as the figure steps away from the chair as we finally see Jensen, ghostly white, as we see he survived the blood tranfusion…barely. His sunken grey eyes peer deep into the camera as he looks almost pleadingly with one last ditch effort to reach through to the Virus.

“Don’t do it just for me David….at Enter the Badlands, let’s do it For the Family”

Jensen shakes his head, walking off as the camera slowly fades out on the static image of the barely alive Jensen, suffering for the Family.