Extinction and Blue Skies


“Through all of history there have been five major extinction events. I believe the sixth is just out on the horizon now, rolling towards us with the fury of a hurricane and a thunderous sense of power.”

Tornado sits at the edge of a white sand beach, waves crashing against his legs. Sea foam spraying in his hair. With unwavering blue eyes, he stares out at a massive storm with blackened clouds and blue arcs of lightning in the distance.

“Absolute extinctions are usually a combination of things. Meteors falling from the sky, shifts in temperatures, famine, and disease all add up to a mass dying. When the dinosaurs died it wasn’t just the impact of the falling space rock, it was the debris that blocked the sun choking the Earth and its plants of sunlight. It was the culling of the plankton and sea life. It was the ice age that engulfed the planet. It was all of it together, spreading decay across all the lands.”

The Living Maelstrom raises his palms out of the sand of the beach and flicks his wrists in the direction of the storm and instantly the waves begin to calm and the spray of seafoam ceases. The storm is stopped in its tracks.

“Unfortunately, these days you don’t have to just worry about Ole Mother Nature or falling sky rocks. Now we all must worry about one another. Ninety-nine percent of all the endangered species are currently endangered because of us. I wonder, does that percentage include ourselves? Because right now, the thing that threatens humanity the most, is other humans. Whether it’s biblical, natural, or manmade it’s hard not to argue that we aren’t currently in the beginning stages of another mass dying.”

Tornado rises to his feet, never taking his eyes from the still wailing storm on the horizon.

“But maybe if humans can kickstart the extinction process, then maybe we can stop it too. Maybe there’s more of us than there are of them. Tommy Wright, he’s all but a stranger to me but after what I’ve seen I know he’s not the kind of person to march us towards annihilation and now isn’t the time for me to be turning my back on my fellow man.”

The halted storm’s energy turns from blue to a sickly green color. The clouds look like billowing pockets of gas with green licks of lightning jutting out from all directions.

“Jensen Cussen and Max Million are not my fellow man. In every sense of the word, they are a plague upon this world. They are pieces to our Armageddon and I couldn’t be any prouder to have this chance. I think a demonstration of power is in order…”

With a furious gaze, Tornado raises both hands up like a conductor beginning a symphony.

“…to show the pawns of annihilation that all hope is not lost. I can hear their heresy whispered on the winds. I can feel the changes they’ve helped wrought. Like Mother Nature herself is sick. They’ve infected the raw power of this world and I can’t stand the way it feels.”

Tornado extends his arms and fingers out towards the storm of infection in the distance and a great flash of light is followed by a deafening explosion of thunder. The sickly green clouds are swallowed whole by a massive whirlwind in the distance.

“I can’t trust a robot to care about the extinction of mankind. I can’t think of any better lifeform to benefit from than the extinction of man than the autonomous. The Automaton’s partner, Jacen Novan is an utter mystery. Whatever order he belongs to could be another piece to our doomsday for all I know. There’s just too many unknowns to ally with them currently.”

The Living Maelstrom looks out across the ocean at his own creation. A massive swirling storm that joins the sea and the sky into one.

“Of course, I can’t help but see it as if it’s an oncoming storm. The rain, the winds, the lightning, they all add up to make something so powerful, so destructive. Some so terrifying. But individually it’s nothing that man can’t overcome.”

Again, he raises both arms and points his hands towards the vortex.

“If you calm the rain,”

A wave of his right hand and the rain stops, and the sky begins to pull back from the earth.

“And tame the wind,”

A flick of his left hand and the seas calm completely as the gale force winds die off.

“And holster the lightning,”

One last flash of lightning and the storm is gone. The sun shines down upon Tornado.

“There’s nothing but blue skies ahead.”