Elevator Or Cage

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow, stood inside a large darkened room, looks down at a great body of water. The OSW Championship is draped over his shoulder, with his claw like hand having grasped it tightly.

“A man of the universe once devised a unique structure made of steel. He spoke of his journeys across time and space, and the one constant he had found. In his infinite wisdom, he realized that those around you, contribute to your lives in such a considerable manner, that knowing beforehand how, would greatly benefit humanity. Thus, he created a steel structure with no windows and only one door. Once inside, the door would lock behind you and you would be submerged under water. This air tight unit would be placed upon a surface at the bottom with you inside and your friends, family and loved ones would be invited into the room.”

He peers over the edge into the body of water.

“These little birdies would not be told about your plight. They would only be told that somewhere in this room, you exist and that they must find you. The man stepped into his chamber with great confidence and was lowered to the bottom of a watery grave. Once there, he awaited salvation. Would those in his life be able to save it? His oxygen slowly depleted whilst those in his life awaited further instruction. Some had no interest in the task, whilst others were unsure of what was expected of them. That man of great wisdom and knowledge perished within the confines of a structure he designed.”

The Scarecrow backs away, looking up at the open roof and night’s sky.

“You see Lyra Starchild, those you surround yourself with can be one of two things; they can be an elevator, lifting you from the surface into the abyss above. Or they can be a cage, trapping you, suffocating you, strangling you of the very oxygen you need to exist. You’ve been caged, at the bottom of this ocean we call Earth. Your peers have left you here, and slowly but surely, you’re suffocating because of it. The man devised his chamber to understand the usefulness of those he considered friends and family. He wanted to know if they would elevate him, or cage him.”

“You too have been left in a chamber, asking the same questions. Earth has you trapped, and you’re left to rely on the universe for answers. Only I’m afraid, they will not come. You are but a tool, a weapon to those with hands large enough to wield it. From above, they’re your puppet masters and as above, so below, little birdie. They sit above the world in their giant ships, watching as you die a slow and painful death beneath them. They could elevate you, they could raise you from the damned and save your miserable existence, but they won’t. Like the rest of humanity, you are caged here with me.”

He grins a toothy, despicable smile.

“I am not your salvation. I am your doom. I’m the thing that smothers you, little birdie. I’m the darkness that envelops you. Your people, they can either be an elevator, or a cage. “

“Welcome to your cage.”

And where your eyes don’t go, inside your cage or beyond, you will always fear The Scarecrow.