The Sharkman

We open on a cool autumn night, atop a seemingly abandoned building somewhere in Miami. The moonlight casts a shadow on the roof, and we soon recognize the form casting that shadow as The Sharkman, looking down on the city as he begins to speak.

“There was a time when I was a bright-eyed rookie on the wrestling team in high school. I went to practice every day, and at every practice our coach would impart wisdom on us that lasted a lifetime. The most important nugget shared with us was also the most simple…where the head goes, the body will follow. When you’re facing a particularly tough opponent, you take control of the head. Why? Because you can keep control of your opponent by steering their body where you want it to go. Fascinating, isn’t it? Where the head goes, the body will follow.

His presence doesn’t affect the nightlife of Miami, the hustle and bustle allowing the Finned Avenger to continue his surveillance as he speaks once again.

“That’s why it’s important to know where your head is at. If you let someone take control, you’ll lose your very freedom. There was a time when my head was filled with doubt, with anger, with bloodlust…and with that, my very soul was at the mercy of those controlling me. As a matter of fact, it happened twice, and the second time was even worse because I secretly wanted it…I missed that feeling, until it came back to haunt me. When my head cleared again, I found myself coming back to that wrestling room, the coach’s wisdom ringing in my ears once more…where the head goes, the body will follow.

His attention is soon drawn to a motorcycle passing by, watching it turn the corner before he continues to speak.

“So now I stand, watching over my ocean with a clear head and a clear conscience. My vision is no longer clouded, and I can resist the strongest of attacks from the enemy…but can the same be said of you, Cael Gable? You’ve been tested from the day you arrived in OSW, and you’ve passed every test until now…but can you keep your head in the game? You can’t afford to be too emotional, or your emotions will tear you apart. If you let your feelings take your head, they will drive it into the ground, and drag you into the darkest corner of your psyche. Where the head goes, the body will follow.

A sound from the opposite direction catches his attention, but The Sharkman does not immediately spring to action, choosing instead to walk to the source of the noise as he continues to speak.

“Are you ready for your final test, Gable? If you were taken to the edge, would you stand tall or fall into the darkness? If you can survive, you might just be ready to become the hero you’ve always wanted to be…but if you don’t, you will fall into the shadows. I respect you, Cael, but I don’t think you’re ready for this test. You may have the heart of a champion, but you are ill-prepared to take on the toughest challenge. Your stubbornness will be the end of you, if you let it. Your heart is in the right place, but it won’t do you any good if your head isn’t. Everyone faces their day of reckoning, and where the head goes the body will follow…so sayeth The Sharkman.

He reaches the other end of the building, where he stumbles upon a harrowing situation for his opponent…his protege. With a leap off the building, he runs headfirst into the situation as we fade to black.