Brent Kersh

[We open on the rolling breakers of a flowing body of water. It moves underneath us and away from us swiftly. The sound of its movement almost deafening. Almost, as within its roar we hear the voice of “The Enforcer”.]

The merging of two living bodies of water is called confluence.

It happens naturally through the effects of erosion, ecology, and the topographical stressors impacting the surrounding area. Typically, this geographical occurrence creates a self-sufficient and indefinite watercourse that by the test of time becomes significant in its existence.

In the town of Devprayag in Uttarakhand, India the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda waterways meet to produce through confluence the Ganges River. The third largest river in the world. A staple of consistency for two countries; instrumental to their economic and social survival.

The Ganges River… a magnificent entity brought forth by the convergence of two.

[Lifting now, away from the surface; our perspective elevated several feet above and upon our peak we notice it. The odd discolored presence of the water below. As if one side of the watercourse is composed of a different substance than the other. Nevertheless, Kersh continues.]

There exists; however, an alternative to the gradual and natural act of confluence. That being the sudden and forceful displacement of a body of water.

An occurrence that while powerful and majestic in its own right results in a much different reality. A reality of destruction, of death… a reality of doom!

The fundamentals of physics dictate that when a moving force meets a stationary object there is a natural reaction and in these cases that reaction is often catastrophic.

Torrential downpours. Dam failures. Earthquakes. There’s a number of both natural and abnormal forces that create the event of displacement, but that event merely precedes tragedy. It’s almost certain!

[Panning backwards we see him. “The Enforcer” as he kneels at the shoreline of the water. The rocky beach; however, is shaped with an edge. The current of the water around it seemingly flowing from different directions before colliding at the point.]

Ya see Jake Jeckel, you are merely a victim of circumstance.

You were at rest. Satisfied. Willing to move forward with the rest of your life or what was left of it before Errol Flint came to you. Before he did what he had to do to release you from prison. It was at your suggestion, but a movement; nonetheless, that you were not expecting that hoisted you in the midst of a personal war.

A force. An abnormal force!

And you Calypso… yet another victim of unfortunate events.

Living amongst your people freely. Happy. You knew where you stood and suddenly, you didn’t. You didn’t because with the offer of bribery Errol Flint placed your entire existence into question. And you found yourself displaced, by a force. An abnormal force!

Yet that displacement I speak of is not the battle that was had at Ring King, no. It’s the alliance of the two sides of war. You weren’t meant to be together, but now you are. And now not by choice, but by condition are you placed at the mercy of the fundamentals of physics!!

[As his voice pauses, our view shifts upward and peering into the distance we understand. The further from the point the more solidified the coloring of the bodies of water become. The more uniform. The more aligned. They are churning not then as individuals streams, but as a single river. And with that, Kersh finishes.]

But in your opponents this Monday night you’re not facing individuals who find themselves in a situation similar to your own.

What you’re facing is confluence. You’re facing the combination of two living enigmas that have been brought together under conditions natural to their existence. For it was inside that squared circle where their allegiance was formed. An alliance of naturals. Of champions. Of un-holiness.

Make no mistake, the joining of the entities of Jake Jeckel and Calypso is truly an event of abnormal capacity… but also, an event that merely precedes tragedy! That tragedy begins at VHS when you meet the Unholy Alliance.

Of course I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know!

[“The Enforcer” chucks a rock he had pulled from the shore into the rolling waters. Standing to his feet he looks back behind him, gazing up at us in confidence before we fade to black.]