Colony Collapse Disorder

Lee Crowley

A beehive rests in a tree, standing outside of it, the Mad King, Lee Crowley.

“In every hive sits a Queen Bee, the ruler of the honeycomb that oversees all the happenings in her domain. From the workers to the drones, the queen holds total control over them, commanding their every movement and deciding which insect holds their worth and which one can be discarded. Once a worker has done its duty and is too frail to make more honey for the insatiable lord watching over them, they are unceremoniously tossed from the hive, their fate left to the elements. And all the while, the Queen lives lavishly, never fearing repercussions for its actions.”

The king chuckles, reaching for the hive without fear, plucking it from the branch and placing it upon the ground.

“But as the months drag on and her brood grows, things slowly begin to unravel. Slowly, the queen begins to notice a lack in her faithful subjects, the halls of her hive thinning out until she found them empty. As she roamed the vacant honeycombs, she still found food, she found pollen, but all of her workers whom she thought replaceable were nowhere to be found.”

He takes Crowley Jr from his belt loop and holds it over his head, bringing it down onto the hive!

“And without slaves to run her kingdom, the hive began to die. With no honey to feed her and no drones to take care of her young, she was helpless, left to die in the hollow kingdom she once ruled. To many, this is known as colony collapse disorder.”

It cracks open, revealing nothingness inside of it, a single queen sitting amongst the empty hive.

“Much like the Queen, Nigel, you were born into the lap of luxury, the whole world served to you on a silver platter with nary a peep or complaint from the lackeys forced to treat you like royalty. You usurped the position of king from your father and took his work as your own, using his wealth, the honey, as a bargaining chip to manipulate and control every little worker bee who crossed your path.”

Crowley reaches down, picking up the bee by its wings.

“The Max Millions, Culture Boys, and Marvolos who populated your grounds were treated no different than the butlers and maids meant to be your servants. When the people you treated as family could no longer bring you pollen or make the honey you greedily feasted upon, they were kicked from your good graces right alongside the other worthless common men who you treated as faceless drones in a sea of loyal workers.”

He holds it in his palm, looking down on it with a devious grin.

“And like the queen bee, you thought yourself untouchable. But soon, the colony began to collapse. Like a disease, they began to leave the hive, looking for better homes, stronger hives. They owed nothing to you. And when they realized this, they left.”

And he crushes it, watching as its guts stain his palm.

“You never could do it on your own, could you, Nigel? Unlike myself, you held no faith in those you called family. Those you left to die? They flocked away to a hive who would cherish them.”

“Million flocked to the family, Marvolo left to build his own hive, and I am the plague that caused the workers to abandon you. You did nothing to try and block out the virus, and so easily did my kingdom usurp your discarded workers.”

“Your kingdom is mine, your subjects belong to me.”

He begins to cackle, licking the remains from his hand with a demented little smile before turning from the hive and walking away from it.

“And when I make you bow before me, I will look down at your lonely form and just… smile.”

The scene fades out, only Lee’s smile showing through the darkness.