Battle for Athens

Cael Gable

“In Ancient Greece, there was a king, who wanted nothing more than to create the greatest city in the world. He toiled for years and its ornate structures and grand architecture attracted the masses to reside in his creation. This city had everything from buildings built to last millennia and shrines that stand to this day. All that was missing was a name. Luckily, this city was a masterpiece and even the gods took notice. Two of them, Poseidon and Athena, believed that the namesake was rightfully theirs.”

“The king gave the two of them a challenge. He asked that both present a gift he cannot provide to truly make his city the best in the world.”

“Poseidon first answered the call. He lifted his mighty trident and stuck the earth beneath him. Instantaneously, the earth expanded and a lake formed in the abyss. The people desiring something to quench their thirst praised the god for his gift and rushed to the lake to taste the water. Unfortunately, all of Poseidon’s creations contain salt from the seas making the water unsuitable for sustenance.

“Their praises turned to scorn.”

“It was Athena’s turn to please the people. Instead of a grand performance, she planted the seeds that would soon become an olive tree. The people waited and when the olive tree came to fruition, they were delighted. Not only would it provide the sustenance the saltwater could not, it provided the wood for their houses, it provided the oil for their cooking, and it provided the fuel for their lamps. Upon seeing the abundance of possibilities, the king declared Athena the clear winner and that city is now known as Athens.”

“We face a similar challenge this week, Doubt. The masses of OSW want to know who is better for them and we both know who brings proper sustenance to the starving crowd. All you give is something that all men taste but get rid of as soon as possible.  You’ve made poor Jonathan taste your saltwater for too long and now his true self is too dehydrated and malnourished to put up a fight. The others who have tasted you have all spit you out. Smiley spit you out for a brand new family. Syndi spits you out whenever she sees what you have become. The crowd spits you when they realize how tainted you are.”

It’s my turn to present my gift.”

“I’m the olive tree constantly growing and constantly giving. Planted here less than a year ago, my gift is younger than yours but it has bloomed to prosperity. I not only provide the sustaining entertainment they desire. I provide the structure they need. I provide the warmth that only good men can provide. I provide the fuel for a light that will always burn. In this war of good and evil, I know which side I’m on and who is better for the people. The OSW masses know as well. After all, Wrestling is in the name.”