ART 101

Cael Gable

[We see Cael Gable in an art studio looking at an empty canvas, He has different paints and tools to work with. He is sitting in a stool pondering what he is going to draw today.]

“Acasius Sophos, a man after my own heart, you believe that wrestling is an art form.”

[Cael opens his arms wide in a welcoming manner smiling towards the camera. Everything seems bright and cheery like a Bob Ross show.]

“Like yours truly, you think that the wrestling mat is your canvas.”

[Cael starts drawing, he grabs a pencil to make the outline of his work.]

“Well then, where is your masterpiece!?”

[ Cael holds up his gold medal. The lights dim, it is no longer cheerful, it is now suddenly serious and solemn like a classroom where the teacher is teaching a controversial subject.]

“I’ve watched your career Sophos and you have so much to learn. You need to learn from a master, you lowly apprentice. If you do this, you will go much further and make an extravagant piece you can call your own. You just have to be willing to listen to all the lessons a true artist can give you.”

[He points to himself in a cocky manner.]

“The first lesson is an artist is only as good as his tools.”

[Cael spreads his arms over the table of tools. The camera zooms on each individual utensil.]

“It doesn’t matter how technical you are.”

[Cael draws a perfect circle. This is his setup for a face.]

“It doesn’t matter how precise you are.”

[He starts to draw lines that do not waver at all.]

“It doesn’t matter how many moves you know.”

[He grabs a viewfinder to judge the lines. A trick people who have not been trained don’t know.]

“It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have under your belt.”

[He starts to draw well-detailed eyes using some pencils he got from his old college.]

“It doesn’t matter how physically gifted you are.”

[He starts drawing with some peach-colored paint to draw skin on the piece.]

None of these things matter if you are not willing to use every tool in your arsenal.”

[He starts working with most of the instruments, everything is being used properly but the red paint on the table is noticeably absent from the painting.]

“All I’ve heard about you; all anyone ever hears about you is how you are the descendant of Ares. Throughout your life, you have believed yourself to be better than anyone, that your family line makes you superior, that because the blood of a god runs through you, you can beat any mortal man who comes in your way.”

[Cael finally dips a brush in the red paint, the paint slowly drips onto the table.]

“You are the descendent of a god, a claim that any man would clamor for. A tool that a master like myself would be unstoppable with. A tool that you so ungratefully throw away.”

[Cael sets it down too disappointed to work for a second.]

“Your ancestor is the god of war. He embodied the physical valor necessary for success, he was a dangerous force, overwhelming, insatiable in battle, destructive, and man-slaughtering. He was an artist of destruction, violence was the tool that made his work unforgettable and vibrant but you shun it, considering violence beneath you. You think it makes you less of an artist if you used that devastating tool but you could be one of the greatest artists of all time if you exploited the tool that made Ares famous.”

[Cael raises the brush again holding it high in the air to show off his tool.]

“If you used it, if you harnessed that tool, if you harnessed the true power of your bloodline and used the best tool in your arsenal, you could be more renowned than Michelangelo. If you let violence flourish and make your work in that ring that much more vibrant, you could experience more success than Da Vinci.”

[He starts to add the red into the piece making it much more vibrant than it was before. The piece is coming together beautifully.]

“But if you avoid it, you will squalor in failure. You will remain the starving artist, penniless and begging for any notoriety. If you don’t use all your tools, you will be forgotten like countless artists before you. You will waste the reason anyone knows your name. You will not be like Andy Warhol. You will not have your 15 minutes of fame. You will work with your limited arsenal, toiling and toiling until death hits you. All because you were too pretentious to use everything you have. You were too pretentious to use the tool everyone understands. Keep doing that and you will end up like other artists before you. You and your work will only be prized and sought for after you’re dead.

[Cael holds up his work. It is a portrait of Van Gogh. The red paint dripping like blood where Van Gogh’s ear used to be.]