All Other Ground

Lux Bellator

What do we build our life upon?

He who heeds the word of the Lord is like the wise man who built his house upon the rock. When storms came bringing rain, wind and floods, the foundation remained strong.

Foolish men ignore this advice, like the man who built his house on sand. When rains fell and wind blew, the house fell and the foolish man was lost to the flood and storm.

Now, no man is foolish enough to intentionally build their house on foundations of sand – each believes they build on strong foundations. The storms of life come and the foolish are taken unawares. Inevitably, houses crumble and fall. Fools never realise that they were never building on rock at all – only a fool’s rock of sand and clay. What they had built their lives upon turned out to be hopelessness, a falsity of their own demise.

Three men each sought to build their houses, their legacies. Each believed he had built upon foundations of solid rock.

The first man built his life on the foundation of family. Family gave him strength and meaning. He protected them, loved them with all his heart. But even family is fragile bedrock. As tragedy struck and the storms of life grew stronger, his foundations began to crumble. Brent, you fight to the bitter end for your family. But it is a fight that has changed you. The crack in your rock of sand showed the very day you stood alongside the Scarecrow. As your family rolls in their graves watching everything they died for becoming nothing more than a memory to you, where is your foundation? Nothing more than sand.

The second man built his dwelling in shadows. A stubborn man, headstrong and determined, he built on the foundation of enduring. When his building crumbled, instead of moving course he endured and rebuilt. Time and time again he endured and rebuilt from the wreckage. Michael, if only you had seen the signs your story may be different. You endured when simply taking the hand of God would have stopped the Shadow consuming you. Look at everything it has cost you, yet you endure the darkness, even embrace it. Only the foolish endure building on sand time and time again.

The third builder did not trust earthly rock or sand. He sought to build not a house but a perch from where he could watch the world burn. The structure he built was founded in his own creation, safe from storms that attack the rock. Yet as the world burnt around him, it left him alone. Ironic that he needed the world for his own existence. Ironic, Scarecrow, that you remain anchored to your perch for eternity. Unable to escape the end, unable to be free.

There is but one rock that the Lord instructs his children to build their houses on… Him. On Christ the solid rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.

As the Lord brings about his will, his storm, what have you built your foundations upon?