I “I can’t seem to find any form of life in here, man, beast or other.”

Searching the empty room, The Virus presents himself, looking pleased.

“But I’ve been told to keep looking, lest never forget that they exist because one day our efforts could prove futile all the while finally coming to fruition. One can certainly hope.”

“There has to be more to their facade. Their theories. They marvel to exist despite nothing factual being presented.”

He grasps onto pictures of aliens  

“We can peak into their perspective and mindset but do we know? Can we fathom? The danger and destruction of only proven to be the claim they claim to be. A rhetoric based loosely on the unknown, the belly of the beast.”

“Sightings are just that sightings, nothing less and nothing more.”

Smirking, he continues.

“But we still ultimately ask that question because it poses a real life threat, do they exist? Do other life forms exist? Do aliens, exist?”

“Riddle me this. If we feared the belief more than the conspiracy would we even fear them at all? The phenomenal phonomenon is smoke and mirror on the grandest of scales under the most intense scrutiny.”

The blood is still soaked on him from his classic encounter with Family member Jensen Cussen.

“Believe the myth, hold onto your fantasies. They don’t dictate you like you believe they do.”

“What’s ironic and befuddling to me is the ability to believe in the extra terrestrial, to believe in a form of life with no substance except for a few grainy photos and a video of the vast nothingness. I, the living, breathing embodiment of everything putrid and evil, I the walking, talking VIRUS, I find pity in your superficial beliefs.”

He looks ahead at a glimmering scene of something in the distance

“So idolize and pray to what doesn’t exist. Believe and relish in the may or may not while I destroy your idols, your heroes, while I infect whoever I deem fit. My reign of terror isn’t that of storybooks and when you finally come to your senses and realize that they don’t exist, you’ll finally realize that I do.”

“It’s simple mathematics, you covet them because they simulate something you won’t have. They cherish the end while I am the end.”

Sticking out a hand he reaches for it

“Before they get comfortable I’ll pick them apart, I’ll end them. There will always be a fear of aliens¬†in all of you but until the recognition of their existence you’re stuck with me, a Virus. The reality is simple, their perception is what you make of it, I am the only reality you can believe.”

“So once and for all, once and for all prove to me that you exist and prove to me that any given situation showcases the dominance your relish. I am the Virus, I am the one you need for your subtle existence. I am the host.”

The orb is gone

“I bring you the knowledge of your language, the idealistic ideology inside informative ideas. Only idiots believe of your existence and I am not such if the kind. But if you like to spare you the embarrassment, to spare the hope I can help you survive. I can……”

“Welcome you, To the Family.”