Cael Gable

[Cael is walking through a cemetery, he is dressed in his Sunday best, in his hands is a bouquet.]

“No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes, and professions. In some ways, you could say everyone is an addict. That is because people are addicted to one of two things: Success or an escape from failure.”

[Each grave is marked by someone afflicted by some sort of addiction.]

“Everyone tries to fight this simple truth; they go to meetings or clinics but it never works. Ask any so-called former addict about their life and you’ll hear their new addiction of staying clean in every word or phrase they use.”

[Sheriff Law’s is the first Tombstone we see, one Cael easily walks by.]

“It’s no one’s fault, not really, as the addictions we have were given to us by the gods.”

[Next is Calypso, poor girl, Cael taps the tombstone in sadness and respect.]

“The god of sleep, Hypnos, cultivated the very plant synonymous with addiction. Papaver somniferum, otherwise known as the opium poppy not only adorned the entrance of his domicile, it was the crown he wore and the symbol he bore. Hypnosis, the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction stems from his very namesake.”

[Hysteria’s is next, Cael shakes his head feeling like he never got to know him.]

“Hypnosis is a state of consciousness the people around you know quite well, D’von. In the public eye, your congregation is hypnotized by every word you speak, mesmerized by the stories you present. They lose the power of autonomy and will follow any direction you lead them as long as it satisfies their addiction to reach the golden gates of heaven.”

[Muerte’s grave is next, the first death in OSW Cael saw with his own eyes, feels like a lifetime ago.]

“But beneath the surface, behind closed doors, hidden from the followers that respect you so very much is something much more sinister. With the offering they present, you buy the power you so desperately crave and lure the weak and vulnerable with the temporary relief you can provide. You give them the multitude of drugs that stem from Hypnos’ garden. Heroin, morphine, codeine, Vicodin, all of these are derived out of that poppy and satisfy your client’s addiction to chasing gold.”

[Bruce Van Chan’s marker appears. Once dead, now alive, the marker only one form of evidence he passed away.]

“But D’von, you broke the first rule in being a dealer, you took from your own supply. You have gotten yourself addicted and look at you, you are now starting to chase gold like the rest of them. You see the gold around my neck and around my waist and you will try anything to have a taste. You can keep chasing and chasing but you should know by now, this is not the way to catch gold, just ask your parents.”

[We end up at the tombstones Cael was looking for, one for each of D’Von Chamber’s parents, he puts the bouquet of flowers in between the markers. It is arranged with poppies to commemorate their war against drugs, one they ultimately lost.]

“The fifth commandment of the religion you claim is “honor thy mother and father.” Is this how you honor them? Following in their footsteps so far you have one foot in the grave? You have been hypnotized by the power you have, stimulated by your recent success. But is now time to be snapped back to reality. Gold isn’t able to be caught by injecting yourself out of consciousness or stealing it out of an offering plate. You have to make yourself truly clean to earn anything more than fool’s gold. The first step in cleansing addiction is submitting to a higher power. You haven’t truly submitted to the lord but I will be the higher power this week and I will force you to submit to me.”

[Cael walks away hoping he can send their son back on a righteous path.]