A Royal Fall

Jensen Cussen

The camera fades in as we find ourselves inside the walls of a large kingdom. Several citzens are running for their life as armored guards fan out, trying to usher the people to safety as the wind around howls and the once bright day quickly begins to turn to blackest night. 

“Known as one of the greatest empires that this world has ever seen, the Roman Empire spanned most of Europe itself and beyond, from modern day Portugal to Israel, through rulers like Augustus Caesar, Antoninus  Pious and Marcus Aurelius, the Empire thrived, but every empire crumbles, every kingdom falls and like the tiniest pickaxe to the foundation of the tallest building,  a thousand chips weakened it just enough for a sledgehammer to send it crashing down to the earth below”

The single gate leading to the outside begins shaking with force for a moment before it explodes, sending shards of steel and wood flying through the air. A mist of darkness fills the area, clouding around the guards as the air is filled with their horrific screams

“Stability had been the key to the heart of the empire for centuries and part of that stability had been their polytheistic views and indeed at points, the emperor himself was God but emperor Constantine undermined this tradition by declaring Christianity the official religion of the empire, shaking the very foundation that the empire itself been built upon. Matters got worst when Constantine split the empire in two, taking the greater western half and creating the Byzantine Empire, centering it around not Rome but Constantinople. This split damaged the very heart of Rome forever”

“A mere hundred years later, Rome was on desperate shaky legs, their economy collapsing, the strength of their emperor’s dwindling and the once mighty Roman army made up mostly of barbarians with no loyalty to Rome, savages infiltrating the very soul of Rome. And indeed by 470CE, these barbarians turned on Rome, dividing it’s empire among them and in 476, Romulus fell in battle to the Germanic Odoacer, bringing an end to a thousand years of stability and ushering in a dark age of chaos.”

Inside the castle itself, we see a handful of terrified guards surrounding the King and his royal advisor as the double doors fly open, the mist flooding in as two figures emerge from the darkness, in a flurry of blood and steel dispatching the guards in a matter of seconds. The King crumples into a terrified ball as the Royal Advisor pulls out a sharp blade of his own, rushing forward at the slighter one of the two attackers, brandishing his blade high. The slighter one easily dodges it before grabbing the Advisor by the back of the head and slitting his throat in a single motion.

“You both claim to be linked by respect alone, that Wrestling Royalty is on the same page yet you spent better part of a month tearing chunks out of one another in pursuit of a simple piece of gold held around another man’s waist. You have never been anything but a hero Brent, yet if it wasn’t for your intervention, Royal would thought of nothing at ordering his guards to slice me in two. You have condemned villains for far less so how can you stand a moment in such a monsters presence?”

The pair advance on the King, the larger of the two lifting him up high as the King slips a blade from his cloak and stabs it right through the heart. The larger one drops the King, looking down at the blade before pulling it out and tossing it aside. The slighter one advances once more, gripping the King by the throat before unleashing a black sludge into the King’s mouth. It drops the King, as the once ruler backs away, screaming in pain for a moment as his skin begins to melt away. In a matter of seconds, the sludge erodes him away from within, a pile of clothes and a crown clattering to the floor where he once stood. 

“You stand so tall King, so sure of your own abilities you cannot see your own fallacies as they rise up and slap you across the face. The one thing that has destroyed every kingdom, undermined every would be ruler in history is the warning they ignore, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. At our very core, we stand as a species driven by a singular need for freedom, it consumes our every waking need, and every ounce of our hatred is drawn to those who seek to take it away from us.”

“The Royal Empire crumbles into dust at Invasion, as the Enforcer’s arrogance is your own personal death knell. The barbarians are at the gates and one way or another, we will overwhelm and tear you asunder”

The camera fades out and fades back in once more as we find ourselves on the outside of the Kingdom, now in ruins as the two figures brandish half a crown each. They consider putting it on for a second before tossing it into the rubble as flames engulf the spot where the Kingdom once was. 

“At Invasion, the Family cordially invites you to a Royal EXECUTION”

The two smile for a moment, a terrifying soul scarring smile before vanishing back into the mist as we fade out on the ruined Kingdom