Wish Upon A Star

Darkness, the skies above. A few stars twinkle in the distance.

‘He laid under the stars with his Father, gazing upward at the skies above. A long way from the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of New York City. The change was warming to him, it was peaceful. His Father asked to him look for a shooting star and make a wish upon it. It wasn’t long before he saw a star shooting in the sky above and he made a wish. He wished that this peace, this tranquility never leave him.’

The face of Ethan Bird comes into frame.

‘This was a young Ethan Bird, many years ago. Before the chaos of his family, before the wars that he would fight on the streets of New York. It was a simple time, just a boy and his Father. And as he grew older, he would continue to wish, throwing pennies into a fountain. Each time he blew out the candles from his birthday cake, but the wishes would change. As he grew older he wished for attention from girls, the love of his family and the admiration of others. But deep in his soul, his yearning for that peace, that tranquility never left him.’

As the camera pans outward, Ethan Bird appears to be laying atop a hill, underneath the stars.

‘Times would change, as they do for all. With each year that passed, he grew more distant from his Father, he found himself wishing less. Yet every once in awhile he would return to that same place, and gaze upon those same stars, waiting to see a shooting star once again. But he never did and the peace, the tranquility of that place would never return to him. As the times changed, so did Ethan Bird. He would journey around the world, searching desperately for that feeling, that peace, that tranquility.’

The stars twinkle in the reflection of Ethan’s eyes, he doesn’t break his stare. Still watching the skies above.

‘As he searched, he finally found the peace he had been looking for. However, it wasn’t under the stars of the rural world, but rather the bright lights of OSW. It wasn’t lying on his back and gazing upward, but rather standing atop his opponent as they gaze upward at him, like a shooting star, wishing for the assault to stop. He found that peace he had wished for as a small boy. He found that admiration he has wished for as an adolescent. Ethan Bird stopped wishing, for he had attained all those things he had once wanted, he was no longer a common man, for he is feared, he is admired and he stands in the world of OSW as the God all others wish to be.’

He stands to his feet, raises both palms skyward before continuing.

‘He shall ascend again, to fly with the shooting stars. He shall find tranquility again standing over the bodies of Solomon Rhodes, Jensen Cussen and DTR. And once again, like he did so many years ago, he will make a wish once again. For Deathwish isn’t the story of the wishes of the common man being granted, it’s the story of the wish of a God. It’s the story of a young boys journey coming full circle. It’s the story of Ethan Bird achieving his destiny.’

A shooting star.

‘Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight: I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.’

What did he wish for?