Vengeance’s Paw

Jensen Cussen

We slowly fade in as we find ourselves in an open field somewhere undefinable. We see three faceless beings digging into the dirt as a large hole has already formed around them 

“There’s an old saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for’ and for those who ever believed the magical beings that had the power of the cosmos at their fingertips were anything close to benevolent, that idiom will come very close to home”

The first emerges, bringing out a dirt encrusted jewel, shining even through it’s black covering as they begin to shine the dirt off it, the very ground around them shaking as a stiff gust of wind sends the jewel flying. The trio rush after it as it slams into the ground but the jewel vanishes. In it’s place is a tall devishly handsome man, dressed in the finest silks and an aura of malevolence about him

“The Genies or Djinn as they really should be known are malevolent, almost evil creatures who use their mystical abilities to create legends about themselves in order to draw unwitting fools to their demises. Indeed one day long ago, three individuals, only linked by their greed of knowledge and power, dug up the lamp of one such sleeping god. An action they would forever regret”

The being approaches the trio, all somewhat shaken by it’s appearance as it looks towards the first. A tall, muscular fellow with what looks like dragon wings on it’s back, fake obviously but that’s all the Djinn needs as it clicks it’s fingers as smoke begins to trickle from the first’s mouth. He spits out a burst of fire before collapsing, his body turning bright red as the dragons’ flames cook him from the inside

“The first was a hero heralded across the lands, a former villain desperate to prove himself as a true pure soul who would do anything to be able to cleanse his soul and the lands he swore to protect from evil. He wished for just that, the power to rid the world of evil. And slowly but surely he did so, but his soul never cleansed and indeed he looked further and further into his land for evil that wasn’t there, eventually destroying those he once swore to protect. In the end, the hero protected a land void of all life but his own”

Chuckling to itself, the Djinn turns to the second, a crooked wooden crown on his head as it nearly clicks it’s fingers but pauses for a moment, thinking as it probes inside the man’s mind, drawing out a singular word. ‘God”. Shaking it’s head as a sickening smile crosses it’s face, the click of it’s angular fingers are heard once more as the second figure vanishes, as we hear a faint voice where he once was but we cannot understand him or see him anymore…just like any other God. 

“The second was a mere vagrant, the son of a king banished from his own kingdom for the audacity of individuality and wanting his own destiny. His only wish was to become a king, no a God among men to gather the power to bring his father to his knees and beg for forgiveness. He left the kingdom a vagabond, he returned immortal, as he quickly ripped apart the old kingdom and grew his own. But with immense and instantaneous power grows unease and hatred, those loyal to the old king plotted his destruction and although they could not kill him, they overwhelmed him and trapped him in the tomb of his ancestors, an eternity ruling over the dead”

The Djinn turns to the last man, trying hard not to tremble under the darkness of this creature but what resided in the man was well known to the Djinn. He scowled, clicking his fingers one last time as black bile flows from the mouth of the last man, slowly infecting every inch of the man as he falls a black heap on the ground

“The last’s only wish was to inflict the hearts of the innocent with bile and darkness and for his unborn child to become the antichrist that would deliver decimation to the heart of this world. He intended to be the guiding force for this pure evil babe but just as every creator is destroyed by their creation, the moment the child was born it killed it’s father. The last visions he had on earth was of his only child being easily dispatched by a would be hero, his every sacrifice and and moment of torment meaning nothing in the end”

“Just like the Djinn of old, I seek not a wish but an opportunity to turns yours into bile inside your mouths. For Vengeance is thy name and when three wishes are snuffed out in an instant, I will emerge to tear apart your world forevermore”

The Djinn opens his palm, revealing the red ruby as he crushes it into a fine powder. A sickening laugh comes from the creature as he turns to the camera just before it fades to black, we see a flash of a cross under his left eye.