The Three Wishes

Solomon Rhodes

The wind whips around at a furious pace as Solomon Rhodes stands on the jutting out peak of a mountain. The clouds seem to move to and fro around him as he pulls his hood around his face. His bright eyes seem focused on the events taking place at the bottom of this mountain. 

His deep voice begins to narrate the images below.

“Three men came together at the summit of a tall mountain awaiting the last member of their party. Together, they would journey to the peak of the mountain and the first there would plant their flag and have their heart’s desire.”

Solomon smiles behind his white beard.

“Their wish.”

Those men all seem to be at an impasse. Two of them facing the third. Rhodes turns his focus to one of the two first.

The elder of the two.

“The first of these men was older than the rest. His life was once a hero’s journey of sorts. He was known as one of the greatest of his time. Perhaps of any time. The fastest. The strongest. An unbeatable tactician. An unstoppable warrior. Except now he lives a life focused on others. Focused on vengeance. Vengeance against a world that allowed his own blood to chew through his mind and body like a knife through butter. His scarred heart is hardened to this world, yet he still wishes for it to be destroyed. His wish is for Vengeance to rain down.”

The man standing ahead of the elder man seems to be his leader. His deranged expression seems to have caught Rhodes’ eye.

“The second was never a hero. His life was a sad tale. A lifetime of manipulations behind him, he had become a rattlesnake that showed the world to never trust reason. His words may be poison, but his very life had become a virus. The infectious touch he had nurtured had spread far and wide throughout his family. The seed of this virus now lies within an egg preparing to hatch, for this man wishes to infect the world, transforming it into his own image. He wishes to bring about the end of civilization.”

Solomon seems to take a particular interest in the third individual, facing off with the other two men with a certain confidence.

“The third man standing there was a different type. He did not get along with the vengeful or infectious man. For this man had been born of a higher station. The destitute life he lived, with no friends or family by his side, was of his choosing. This man walks a path that is, by its very nature, lonely. Yet his desires are not to find companionship or someone to walk with. No, his desire lies higher. That is his wish, to rise above the world and be worshiped as a god.”

With a sneer on his face, Rhodes finally uncovers his face as the world around them reacts in a unique fashion.

“As the three men argued among themselves, the wind slowly began to cease. For even nature knew that it should not be here for what was to come. The waiting travelers all turned from their bickering to look around them, seeing nothing.”

A small flame seems to appear around Rhodes.

“Then they looked up.”

His eyes no longer the bright blue they once were, Solomon slowly loses his humanity once more.

“The Dragon looked back down at them, as they slowly began to realize the truth.”

With a great cry to the sky, Rhodes’ body slowly begins to form into the terrifying shape of the Dragon. And perched upon this mountain peak, it watches.

Then takes flight as Rhodes voice speaks out with a new power behind it.

“The vengeance so desired by the first man was made manifest in the razor-sharp teeth and talons that stretched out to rip his flesh to shreds. The end of civilization desired by the second came in the fire that erupted from its throat, reducing even the powerful virus to cinders. And the godhood the third wished for opened its wings and took flight, rising above the man that now worshiped at its altar.”

The three men find themselves having truly gotten what they desired as the Dragon takes a deep breath of stale air.

“Be careful what you wish for. For the manifestation of your greatest desires is nothing more than the prophesied coming of your own death wish. Because the Dragon’s wish is simple.”

From the vantage point of the three men, the Dragon flies down, opening its mouth as it does what it does best.

“Fire and Blood.”

Nothing remains but ash and dust as the Dragon flies back up to the peak of the mountain, his eyes set out to a taller mountain in the distance.